Bezos has enough SALE

~ Hi folks I’m still working as a caregiver/creator – all heart and no capital! Which means I still can’t afford to rent my own private corner of Amazon. On the other hand – doesn’t Bezos have enough of the book-trade money


The Original Fakes

It has never been quite so hard to be understood. As an obsessive weirdo who has been deliberately trying to understand and reach more and more kinds of people for decades (which also means endlessly confronting my own foolishness and vanities) I


Western Incense

Catherine loved Charlize (Theremin) and Charlize loved Catherine! Woke up this morning and the whole place still smelled like fresh baked cookies – gave me a lovely feeling and reminded me of one of my favourite bits of CG Jung, as bounced


Ins and Outs

Human knowledge is all about making distinctions. In a funny way, we can look at most of our intellectual efforts (and by we I mean all humans through history) as a splitting of one bunch into two, after which each of those



I liked this one both for the stillness and peace in the composition – and also for the way that all the fast growing buds everywhere prove with certainty that it won’t look that peaceful for long. In fact, a wild colourful

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