Waves and Quanta


The thing I love most about any good strong argument, is how fast you can learn, when you encounter one that displaces your old, less useful and/or valid ideas.  Knowledge-turnover, like soil-aeration, is non-optional if you want to get a good fresh yield from the same old substrate!

That being said – bad arguments can be infuriatingly persistent.

Waves, particles, wavicles – the idea that there even is a visualizable (non-math) definition we can give the fundamental nature of subatomic matter from our scale-distance is rather questionable – but the idea that it is something as simple as waves or particles (and changes to chase our experiments) is flat-out dumb.

It’s not one, nor the other, nor both at once – It’s just something that we don’t yet understand – something other and much bigger – and why does that sort of ignorance bother us moderns so very much anyhow?
After all – this also applies to a majority of things about life on earth, and even just the tiny subset of human life – both of which are removed from our scale of perception by almost as many orders of magnitude as are quanta.

(I know, I know – you were about to say that exact same thing yourself just now, right?  Sorry to steal your thunder.  I’ll do better next time, promise.)

Yes Fritjof Capra is cool and, like Castaneda, inspiringly flattering about our potential – but if you really want your quantum mind blown, may I commend to you the metaphysical works of the masters themselves? Planc, Pauli, Eddington, Schroedinger and of course, my man Heisenberg – all wrote incredible essays about their view of the metaphysical implications of quantum physics.

No genies, crystals or mantras – but like few things I’ve read – both endlessly intellectually provocative, and philosophically stimulating!
“Quantum questions” Edited by Ken Wilber.  Not a huge print-run.  Grab it!

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