I have a very special relationship with squirrels – I’m not exactly sure that they like me, or the way that I insist on trying to learn their language.  I think it entirely possible that a sneaky one taught me a horrible swear-word, and I’ve been repeating-it in ignorance for years, while trying to greet them.  At any rate, they are as fascinated by me as I by them – and not just when they are within begging-range (a Pavlovian trope for which I’d claim no credit).

Which gives me a great place to make an observation, thanks to my split brain (science/art).  How much do I love squirrels?  Tons!  How much do I know about them?  Practically zero.  So let’s look at just how my emotion makes me ignorant.

From my sketchy rumour-head, I think black-squirrels are territorial invaders, and red and grey squirrels ought naturally to have this area to themselves.  Which (along with the red squirrel’s far smaller mass) makes me think underdog, and immediately start down the classic woeful persecution road.

But what did Murray-here teach me yesterday?  This little bugger was chasing three different black squirrels around the place – and they were bolting even faster than they run from dogs – I’m talking full-panic – even though he was no more than half of their size.  (I tried to catch it, but it’s nuthin’ but blur)  ;o(

Finally he stopped to look back at me as if to say, “So there, you imbecile.”

Now – this is important – I’m cool with approaching squirrels poetically, and letting them teach me stuff individually – but I also recognize my knowledge about them is non-useful, when it comes to serious squirrel discussions.

Much as I recognize the absolute profound and obstructionist uselessness of a lot of other emotive associative and poetic thinking that I see, about areas where I do possess a practical grasp of the necessary realities.

Both cerebral hemispheres are fantastic in their own way – no question.  But as far as I can tell, being honest (and modest) and clearly recognizing where we are using each is actually a crucial matter, if we are ever to make serious political or social sense again.

There are a lot of emotions that want expressing, no question about that – but there are a huge number of problems we could actually solve, it we all agreed to get clear – even about thermodynamics!  (still solid, after all these years).

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