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The last best hope for breakfast

To list the iconic Toronto greasy spoons which are no more, or now mere sad shells of their formerly glorious selves would take ages and make everyone sad (me especially).

However, this mighty stalwart, the good bite, on Yonge just N of Eglinton persists – and continues to serve up the best damned old-fashioned breakfast you can get.  Home fries done with butter (nothing else tastes as great) steak marinated in that classic way, eggs however you want them – perfectly (in-butter also, natch).  Bacon par excellence, should you not be up for steak.

The place is also still a great example of a friendly crew who act like family, and will happily welcome and treat you the same, if you’re nice.  Catherine and I used to go here a lot – but that was more than ten years ago.  I was delighted to find today that they all still remember me – they are all still super nice – and the food still rocks!

Toronto owes it’s Greek community a lot  – and not just for Greek restaurants – they pretty-much defined the taste of ‘standard Canadian’ greasy-spoon fare as well – especially the generation who came here after the trouble there, in ’56.

That’s part of why I always make sure to thank the taciturn efficient cooks, as well as the sweet wait-staff (which, come to think of it, might be why they remember me).


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