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While the discussion about FB and the election (and the larger culture-war in general) is underway, I’d like to add an observation.

Rightness is not the same as usefulness – and has nothing at all to do with balance – which is actually the most appropriate goal, almost always.

Even more important – agreement about metaphysics is IRRELEVANT – and the teams are absolutely not drawn along religious, racial, age or class lines – those divisions, while useful to marketing people – are entirely false.

What we have are people who care about others, respect them, and want to promote a world with fair opportunities for everyone, and people who think only their one particular group are the ‘right people’ and others should be disadvantaged, in order to give the ‘right people’ the cream.

Principle vs tribalism.  And there are people on each team in every group.

Now here’s the thing – there are many religious people out there, acting on high-principle and working in the community to do things that secularists are not looking after.  There are also many caring non-religious people involved in working on other social problems – both streams of effort and dedication that would be very easy to recognize and respect in the other.

Common-cause, in fact – compassion.  This is basic for ALL the nice folks.

Can religious assertions be proven by reason?  Mostly not – that’s what faith is all about.  But the appropriate answering question is, “Has your philosophy got you involved in humbly helping others who need it?”
(Which is also good stuff emotionally, for you and them both).

I am every bit as much for Alan Watts’ wiggly (and giggly) prankster-universe, as I am for Heisenberg’s indeterminate one – each in their useful place.
Or, put another way:

To the religious, I am an atheist
To the atheist, I am a mystic
To the mystic, I am a scientist
To the scientist, I am a delight
(Because I am not only curious about all science, but also about all reality-models – especially, where oblique ones can be uniquely illuminating)

Balance, my friends.  I swear it’s what every great philosopher and religious leader was really after, most of all.  Find your hearts, bring them together!

(Now would be a really good time to drop our arbitrary ego-enmities, yes?)

I am always curious about what you are thinking

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