Shy building syndrome


More Yonge-St wrecking-ball mayhem (near the much-missed Uptown theatre)

I lost my chance to buy a proper Aquascutum pea-coat at Stollery’s (the very last place in town with a decent Haberdashery counter – dammit), and the ever growing tower on the opposite corner has finally stopped growing and is almost skinned now. (Hope the glass holds, right? – that’s a LONG way down).

But amidst all of the mega-disruption, there are also small signs of progress.

Back in the old days, the fine people at Teperman’s demolitions wouldn’t have shown any sensitivity at all to the shyness issues of this poor unfortunate beauty, once very comfortable as one of a whole row of friends, now singled-out – suddenly a middle-aged soloist, without ever having sought the title.

We fully expect this beauty to return again to new glory, set as a singular gem within a dispiriting tableau of burnished steel and wrong-scaled tinted panes.

But in the meantime – why not preserve a bit of modesty? It’s not much to ask.

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