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I really don’t like crowds (I mean REALLY) but today I not only made my way across the Harbourfront through the thickest crowds I’ve ever seen down there (counting even much-missed WOMAD in it’s glory days) – but I did four complete laps of this harrowing gauntlet.

Gaskets intact (just).  Hint: always carry lots of water!  (Irritability is an early sign)

Now to the really important bit – the reason I bothered going back and forth and then plunged back in for another late-day run, after Nada was safely home, when I usually just hop on the streetcar to get home myself.

The simple fact is that I’ve never had more fun photographing people in my life!

Not only was it a really enthusiastic and happy crowd (in no way bothered by the line of storms that swept-through, mid-day) but they really brought the sweetness too – we do everywhere in the world (in Toronto, especially) and we do it without reducing the differences, but rather, wherever possible, enjoying them.

I know this one might seem just a bit too obvious symbolically – but hey, if you’d run across this lovely pair today – you’d be posting ’em too – right?
Absolutely made my day!

(And it wasn’t the only shot that might easily have done so, all on it’s own!)

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