Tall, taller, and yikes!


To the left, Hudson’s bay – finished in 1974 – 135 m
To the right, CIBC building – finished in 1972 – 149m

Still under construction, on the site of the old back-alley shop where one used to be able to get obscure British treats (when such things were hard to find)
One Bloor East – Great gulf tower – lots o’ retail, a park on the seventh floor, and some of the most exquisite condo layouts ever seen (if you happen to have a couple of million bucks, just lying around).
Guest terraces!  Hey, why not?  Seriously grand views on tap.

Two hundred and fifty seven freakin’ meters! – 24th tallest residential tower in the world (the 23rd, is the freakish new monstrosity at College park)

But I have a special sentimental soft-spot for the funky verdigris clock in the foreground and the weird rambling mall behind it (to my right, out of frame) Cumberland terrace.

While the site was still under construction (73-74), my fellow 8 and 9 year old pals and I found it the best-ever stage for epic cap-gun battles.  (Back when kids running around with cap-guns still made adults laugh, instead of panic).  And when it was finished, it had a great ‘cool stuff’ toy-store (science and action stuff), and was across the street from the much missed “Toy shoppe” which had a delirious menagerie of import stufties, fantastic kids books and the most complete range of Briton’s vehicles and tin soldiers in town (epicurean!)

Now?  Furnishings, calendars, clothes – bo-ring.
Da kids dese days is robbed, I tell’s ya!

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