I’d rank Bumblebees as the second cutest insect after ladybugs, and they are far more cuddly-looking, thanks to their apparently soft and colourful fur

But I have to say, I always thought the weird plastic wings that people wore for their bumblebee costumes were incredibly unrealistic.  They looked too much like yellowed cellophane, injection-moulded and inconsistently painted.

Then again – looking closely at my new chum here – I must stand corrected.  Which is to say, to all of those wacky souls who have already made bumbling halloween plans – do please carry-on!

So of course I can’t do bees, without mentioning the good and bad news.  Yes there are still significant die-off problems in many regions, but the hopeful news that some haven’t yet heard is that steps have been taken in several places to address combined threats, and the colonies there have not only recovered, but in many cases populations now exceed their starting levels.  (Comparisons with livestock are misleading – the reproduction rate of insects is unlike anything of which mammals are capable)

I still say the scare is healthy – we should all give bees a big raise, especially in terms of our regard for their importance, they make good visible and clearly understandable representatives for our dependance on the whole web of life.

But it’s really important to also note that rational action still works.

Believe me I can doom-say with the best of them (better than most), but  reason and compassion remain crucial – and they are basic and universal, (that is to say, continually spontaneously regenerative) even though the specific expression of them varies from culture to culture.

We really aren’t (quite) doomed yet, folks – and as long as this guy is still trying…

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