Tardy? Hardly!


For some time now, the crack team of book-obsessives at Large Ess Small Press have been gearing-up to offer fine and original published works to you — and we are, at last, just about ready to announce our first of many planned volumes.

In the meantime, we thought it was time now to open up the website while it was still under construction, so that our wise and curious friends could have a look around the place and enjoy such rooms as are already nearing a finished state.  Construction sites can sometimes be a mite unseemly, but I figured, why should we try so hard to hide the hoarding-herding?  We all have to do that sort of thing eventually.

We will be posting new content to this site in a spiffy and advertising-free way on a regular basis from now on, and will soon start to Facebook-link this new content as well.  I’m truly sick and tired of weird compression algorithms and arbitrary format changes, and advertising is deeply and unforgivably evil in all forms — except for when we start to do it (very gently) for ourselves — natch.  ;o)

Thanks very much for coming by to have a look around — please do mind the chandeliers — we haven’t nearly got them wired-up yet, but they’re out there all around the place nevertheless!

Cheers to friends — one and all.

Robert and I sincerely hope that this will be a good place for your mind and heart.
(Or worth the occasional outburst-giggle, at very least.)

Paul Snyders, July 2017

Photo credit: Nada Nesin

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