High-frequency vitality


I’ve already gone-on at some length about the great evolutionary significance of the arrival of flowers – not only a crucial increase in energy concentration for nifty things like mammals, that prefer above room-temperature blood (in the form of the vast variety of sugary fruits which followed soon after), but a huge acceleration to the mechanisms of genetic variation and diversity.

But there are a lot of different ways to look at almost anything – aren’t there? Flowers might just attain to the level of raison d’être to bees (and ants, too, for many species), or if not a grand inspiring purpose, at very least a steady job.

They also grow so rapidly surprisingly and uncontrollably, that they give us something wonderful to look forward to, after every rained-out picnic!

They make us think about colour itself, since various species make use of the full visible spectrum, from the lowest (red) frequencies to the highest (violet).

And then of course, they are also known to move us emotionally in totally non-rational ways, sometimes very deeply. If ye dinnae see-it here, I cannae make it clear. But if a pipe’s skirl, makes your toes curl, then ye’ll ken.

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