Taking my person for a walk


Another lovely thing about street festivals is all the nifty and eccentric characters one gets to see, some of them human, and some canine – but no less full of style, verve, and indeed, often hilarious achievements of attitude.

It takes no special insight to recognize that our cover critter in this particular case is a real genuine smart-ass. His buddy only slightly less-so. They spent most of their time trying to pull their man in opposite directions – this was just a mid-match rest, really.

Likewise for this very spiffy and determined dax – you should have seen the way he was pulling at his fence-tied lead – could have plucked it for a jug-bass note! Even when he finally gave up and decided to take a break, he’s still got tension on the line (if I sees my chance, I’m makin’ a break for it, be ready guys).

Old pals are especially patient and endearing somehow. She’s a bit tired herself, but she knows she has to take her man out and give him a good walk everyday, just to keep him in shape. Anyhow, it’s cute the way he sometimes frolics with the other humans he runs into.

This scruffy bugger “Mister Black” really impressed the heck out of me. Waiting so calmly and patiently for his person – no tugging no fussing, darned thoughtful looking expression, too. Perhaps working out a very gentle rebuke for lateness?

What really made me smile though, was the way he perked up so sweetly and hopefully, the instant his person came back into view (scent?).

“The fun is back – because our tiny little nuclear wolf-pack is reunited – hooray!”

Still a cat person, mind you – but I do get-it.

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