There’s something especially endearing about single-minded determination in cute toys. Reminds-us that our childhood selves didn’t often dream of being pleasant and relaxed, but rather fierce, focussed and action-packed – exciting stuff!

Of course, single-minded does turn out to be a whole lot more work than we anticipate!

My apologies to anyone that I’ve been slow to contact the last week or two – big work binge, and more to come. I shall catch up soon, promise (Mrs seems to think avoiding burn-out is important for over-fifties. Phaugh!)

I came across a snippet of an Alanis Morissette interview recently, where she said she was never bothered by her partner’s messes or chore lapses.  Instead of taking it personally or considering it a sexist insult, she actually found his male ability to tune-out the whole world and go completely single-minded on one task endearing (cute, almost – from the way she said it).

Not everyone’s first-choice for recontextualization, but I liked-it both because I’d never heard that variation before, and also because it had a mirthful indulgence that bordered on being outright Matronizing! A form of witticism-redress which IS still outstanding and very much-welcome, despite my endless warning about teams.

(Linguistically confronting the patriarchy on the absurdist plane is perfect, it has always been utterly defenceless there, because it is essentially absurd itself)

Anyhow – please don’t ever be offended if I seem comparatively mute or absent from time to time – it’s always me not you – just picture me with my well-worn racing-goggles on, chewin’ up those pages-owing – going for a record lap-time!

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