I mentioned recently how delighted I was to see boarding tech reaching the sweet levels of practicality and refinement that it’s attained of late (that spring of compliance on the long-boards – zowie!).

This group really made me smile because not only were they demonstrating another great reason for bike lanes, and another excellent high-energy and ecologically unimpeachable mode of beating the cross-town traffic (practical with such lanes, in a way it could not be without) – they were also no mere bunch of kids.

Oh, I don’t mean to say they were ancient like me, but none were teenagers, and a couple looked to be into their thirties. No question – putting a cardio-habit like that into your life early, and then sticking to it, will really keep the years off awhile! (Provided you don’t get overconfident, and text your way into the side of a taxicab).

Well yes of course they were exuberant – which too is always nice to see!  They almost beat the streetcar to the next intersection from the light (not bad at all!)

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