The jogger and the princess


There’s just no arguing it – photographers are themselves one of the very best street-photography subjects one can come across – and the juxtapositions which occur in an uncontrolled but pro ‘street shoot’ are especially deluxe.

The princess here is actually a beautiful bride (her husband stepped-in for more shots, a bit later) and in her defence, the building in behind (our modernist masterpiece city hall) is rather undersold by that dull ramp – the angle they’re shooting puts her into neatly into an old Star Trek version of the future.

On the other hand, that maniacal jogger, who did lap after lap up that hyperbolic hill and down again, did demonstrate yet another fine use for the extraordinarily flexible Nathan Philips square (already established-great for concerts, festivals and culture parties of every shape and size).

We caught a lady catching a nap in an O of the silly but popular TORONTO sign too – but it was only a quick staged nap for her FB page, so I missed it.

Exactly why those gunslingers obsessively practised their draw, I suppose.

Lap after lap after lap. Go man go! Inspiration is easy – PRACTISE WINS!

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