The sound of the Danforth


The festival is officially called the taste of the Danforth – but I know I’m not the only one who looks forward most to the musical performances, big and small.

This fellow really struck me beautifully – because he was playing to accompany a troupe of twenty flamenco dancers – which means he was an absolute powerhouse of energy, and also a rock-solid foundation for them all to find – extremely challenging stuff, and he performed brilliantly.

And then just a couple of minutes later we see him putting away his beautiful instrument, and in a way, also hanging-up his super-hero cape, in order to return to his mild-mannered alter-ego, who appears to be nothing more than an ordinary human!

Show folk

Here are some of the performers from the flamenco troupe – really wonderful verve and joy to their performance – and what lovely character – every one!

Unexpected dance class

This group was instructing the whole crowd, demonstrating step by step, how to do a complicated dance with them – and the energy of the leader was just lovely – super high enthusiasm, without being in any way obnoxious (a rarely-hit mark, to be sure). For a minute there, I felt as if the whole Danforth was about to turn into a giant Bollywood dance number!

Little dude is feeling it

This though, was unquestionably my glow of the day. Not only was this young musician really working a sweet and melodic line, with some genuine feel and style – he was putting off such a warm quality of energy, that mom wanted to park the kid next to him for a picture. The kid was swaying, too – definitely feeling it.

And yes of course I fed the guy’s guitar case a doubloon – what am I, an ingrate? But what really made me sure I was right about him being the real thing (in proper spiritual alignment for ‘the music’ if you will) was that he liked my respect and my genuine appreciation for what he was doing even better than he liked my money. (Though I will grant that ratio may well shift, ’round about dinner time). ;o)

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