Here’s another especially lovely thing about Fan Expo – it always makes me think about how much the relationship of two figures can say in a picture-plane.  Also, about our youthful friendships, from a writerly perspective – that is, their psychological and spiritual value, as well as the way the meaning of those ultra-vivid early relationships changes over the arc of a life, as we learn to see and understand in new ways.

Rock me doctor Zaius

This pair really went all-out, incredible effort on costumes and coordination on both of their parts – and while one was taking a small break from the no-doubt stifling mask, her chum kept up the chimpishly-capering antics, gently engaging every passer-by, trying for a reaction.

Yo man, Yeomen

Again – one really must salute the extraordinary efforts made – every year, this park behind the main event seems to be the place to find and photograph those with such impressive weapons that security for the building proper won’t even consider allowing them inside.  I may be wrong, but I say real (why spend hundreds on archery, without becoming an archer, after all?).  Points for determined scowl, too.  I’m thinking Atkins, no?

Baby got-a boo-boo?

Not superheroes at all, but could her patient caring help or his sad but comforted need be sweeter?  Sure a bandage may be the main thing when you bang your finger – but it helps a hundred times more if someone will put it on for you, and then kiss it better.

Steampunk rogues

Not my best photo, one catch on the move (at speed), but these two deserve mention regardless, not only for the best coordinated velvet steampunkery I came across all day, but also some truly top-end swagger.

Cuter than sir Gwain

There’s always a split at any event – those who spend big money to achieve a very high-level and impressive result, and those who put in their own hard work and build a simple imaginative costume out of things they repurpose, from around the house.  Not only do I have a special fondness for the hand-made crowd in all disciplines (and feel the very same way at Halloween, too), the fact that folks across this entire spectrum are all welcome and have tons of fun together – says a great deal about the lack of snobbery characteristic of this cheerfully egalitarian cohort.

It’s all about the Mermaids, this year

There are always an assortment of diverse mermaids at every event – most of whom aren’t quite so similar to the popular branded ones.  This mermaid was very kind to this kid, who was rather nervous about asking her (mom had to make the approach).  I found the pair irresistible because the quiet self-possessed kid reminded me so much of my sweetheart, in pictures from that age.  Yes, also a serious Mermaid fan.  (You’d want Cassat for these expressions, right?)

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