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Reductio ad abdurdum is a very old and well-tested method of logical PROOF.  It says that if the logic of your ideas inevitably leads you to something ridiculous, then those ideas which brought you there are also ridiculous – this is simply and exactly true – and applies no matter how fond we may be of our ideas.

I’m going to construct a big cluster of ideas over the next few weeks, about the way things are, how we got here, and where we’re headed – these are all verifiable and real, and my purpose is incredibly simple – I don’t want your grandkids to die in war and starvation, because we’ve damaged the earth so greatly (and disrespectfully), that it can no longer provide.

That’s the sort of thing that, a few generations ago, one could expect would be widely agreed upon right away, but the (perhaps only) truly unique thing about all of the post second world war generations in the western world, is that we have mutually granted one another the right to believe any darned thing we want (even if it’s totally crazy) and still feel great about ourselves.

Put more clearly – as a part of our legitimately complex negotiation between entrenched belief systems, revolutionary dogmas, deep rationalizations and tribalisms novel and ancient, we were forced to build so wide that we included the right to be and stay non-responsible children, mentally.

It was not ever actually obligatory that we must all exercise this particular right – but far and wide, we have indeed raced to meet this ever lowering standard en masse – and the most crazy-making aspect of this broad-spectrum cultural phenomenon is that everyone bitterly accuses others of the very thing that they are doing themselves.

Left and right, rich and poor – everyone thinks that the ideas of their most-hated team are essentially destructive to the happiness of children – which of course instantly makes the people who hold those ideas selfish and heartless – suddenly we’re back to primitive manichaeanism (good ‘uns and bad ‘uns), while pretending that we’re not only ‘reasoning’, but being compassionate.

Total absolute crap – but to be very clear – all are correct in an important way which we don’t ever acknowledge – we have sacrificed the future of all of our children for our own selfish indulgence for generations now – and we are still doing it – aggressively – right this minute – even when we pretend like crazy to be sensitive and enlightened modern citizens.

Global warming – I know most can’t stand to look at the information at all – but if you think you have a handle on it and you’re not yet factoring-in albedo, the melting of the permafrost, and ocean acidification, you’re kidding yourself – and every one of those is not only proven, they are all mutually-reinforcing.

Right now – when a politician stands up and tells you we can’t afford the environment, because of the economy, he’s saying – “I say, let’s all murder our grandkids future – and feel really good about it, mind you – because you all have a right to feel good being lethally selfish brats, rather than responsible adults.” (not to mention actual CITIZENS).  In other words – “Hush, you uppity rabble, best just go back to streaming distraction-vids, and leave the governing to your betters, and never you mind that big slaughter-axe propped up in the corner.”

This really is our plan right now – to future-kill everyone younger than us, who we say we love, because we’re too lazy and stupid to voluntarily change.  This is what we most stridently insist our RIGHTS are for – what we use FREEDOM, to achieve.  And this multi-society-wide failure makes us traitors to the very idea of democracy (for which so many sacrificed), and betrayers too, of western civilization itself – which is not likely to survive us.

It’s not the fault of the right, the left, the rich, the poor – IT’S ALL OF US!  Accusing others of fault, is what we do instead of actually working our corner – again, with a depressing universality.

Now, as I was saying at the top – I really want to work on strong reality ideas that people can get together around, so that we can save your grandkids lives.  I don’t have any kids of my own, mind you – and I don’t expect to last forever – I’ve already got one foot out of this game, just for sanity – but I still figure that is the only project in the world that NEEDS to be worked-on.

So, if I’ve made you grumpy, tell me – why wouldn’t you want to help-me?  You got a better goal in mind?

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