One last series from the fan-expo, this time of stand-out individual costumes – soloists, if you will.

I rather wish I had caught this first furry-bird in video, because even the walk had the exact right sort of cartoon surliness.  Not just a costume, a bona-fide performance!  You can still feel the ‘tude, am I right?

Maximum flashiness

Looking great and he absolutely knows it!  This fellow’s costume looked way too good to be anything standard or off the rack, I’m thinking fashion-school, maniacal dressmaking or leatherworking chums, or at very least a well conceived crowdfunding campaign!

Ready for any adventurality

This daring adventuress was having a photoshoot with her pal, but was very generously pleased to pose for me as well.  I get it – that’s an awful lot of costume work.  Nice to have it appreciated.
Lovely matching weapon-bows also, very fetching – must congratulate security on their taste (perhaps a bit more chartreuse, next year?)

Can my baby try your sword?

This guy was nothing short of awesome in all sorts of ways – set up, like the archer pair, in the no way would security ever let that weapon into the building, park – and posing with that no doubt heavy prop for at least an hour that I saw personally (while doing orbital laps) and still going strong when I left.

The baby really did want to have a go with that megablade.  Appreciate the tyke’s help with the title.

Imperials on the move

Okay, most-joking aside, this guy really wouldn’t stand out as much in the financial district as some.  Certainly meets the tone-expectations of those bleary-eyed, phone-peripheried or simply not paying attention, anyhow.  Again, like the bird, the walk added a great deal to this getup.  Plus, as maniacal as you have to be to dress up as a space pilot – how much more so to choose to be an evil and yet anonymous one?  Expensively, too.  Devotee of the dark-side, defo.  (Forclosures, maybe?  Investment banker?)

Same cat-time, same cat-channel.

Batman is always calling at the last minute and putting her off, just when she’s got the absolutely most perfect trap ever, set up to snare him.  Silly doofus is SOOO infuriating sometimes.  Just for that, I’m not sharing any of the bat-chocolate I just bought.

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