Some days you take hundreds of shots to get dozens of useful ones – and some days you shoot a couple dozen – and get a dozen good ones anyhow. Sweet deal.

Of course, I’m always especially pleased when really extreme lighting things like these work out so nicely.  (Fortune favours those in motion)

Norman sunset (top photo)

Shows a lovely blocky (but also almost deco right-proportioned) Norman style Anglican church just down the street from us. Sunset likes good architecture.

Blue slate roof

Sunset loves trees also – this remarkable sky colour was a lovely and unexpected capture – but even better, that sublime blue on the roof – I want a tube of that luminescent twilight (Magritte) blue to paint with – no wait, strike that, I want a whole TUB of it!

Steeples and terraces

Again – the banal made exotic – not to say that I take our extraordinary (city of churches) inheritance of lovely steeples rising everywhere through the dense mature tree-cover at all for granted, but new-build condos that replaced cool older buildings are, for the most part, architecturally best-ignored. Would be awfully nice to be up on one of those terraces though – they have got themselves a view – no doubt about it!

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