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I have yet to encounter any tradition with deep mysticism and insight at it’s core, which does not recommend a variation of the meditation of infinite-regression – that is, that (sometimes inspiring, and sometimes irritating) childhood state of asking why, where, how, then why again, to each new answer we get – never quite satisfied with any point reached.

For us grownups, it’s often hard to remember this quality of ignorance again, but it’s worth remembering that it really can be scary sometimes when you’re a kid, and you realize that you can just keep going that way forever, without ever hitting solid no-more-questions bedrock (limits of irritation are inevitably reached far faster than full extent of current knowledge – and often even faster than extant personal knowledge).

So why ought we to meditate on the piece of toast we just ate – and the oven where the bread was baked, and the baker who made the dough, and the mill that ground the flour and the wheat that went into it, and the farmer who planted it – and the nomads who first found grain and realized – some treasure needs a calendar!

Because we can find the birth of human science and civilization itself – in a humble slice of bread!

Yes, absolutely everything relates to everything – old and new, near and far.

Yet another good reminder for next time we’re taking too much credit or blame for the circumstances in which we find ourselves – and almost certainly tempting the fates with either errant pose. The hardest recurring lesson remains the most important. We must learn to face what needs to be faced, and also to thank what needs to be thanked. Gratitude is as metabolically necessary as courage. Active balance, the only way to go.

Top picture shows the CN tower – a freakish building, but a fantastic broadcast aerial for the southern Ontario region, just behind an old harbour-mouth navigation-light and the lovely wooden masts of the truly splendid Empire Sandy – a very busy three-master – several sailings daily (and most thankfully, no dinner-disrupting on-deck canon to fire-off every night, just to please the partying hipsters, like it’s pesky and altogether more piratical competitor, Kojama).

Time travellers three

Here’s the Empire Sandy with two of it’s diminutive but also very lovely allies – Pathfinder looking particularly sprightly.  Everyone in the city should approach it this way just once at least, to appreciate it’s ‘natural situation’ (fantastic sandbar-sheltered harbour) which had so much to do with it’s establishment and rapid growth.  (And incidentally – somebody please tell me I’m not the only one who fell permanently in love with small-sail from reading “Swallows and Amazons” when themself rather on the smallish side).  ;o)

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