Peaceful Wonderment


Some keen observers may already have noticed our long-arc deliberate step-by-step building-out process. Here’s another big (fun) new area which we’ve been intending to add for some time – video!

This (filterable category) will contain poetry readings – and also original music from me and my friends.

The images and video are from my own photo-expeditions (and generous pals).

Poetry readings from my brand new book “Night Song for Cigar-Box Banjo” – in costume – coming soon!

I will also review and boost some video work by friends, as I do for all my art-chums, wherever possible.

In the meantime, to open up this brand new section, here’s one that was special-requested by my friend Hileen. Hope the extra resolution (720P) brings even more enjoyment. Set for HD and go full-screen – trust me – even if only to remember the pleasures of life before FB brick-wall compression!

Bookmarkable here, or on my new youtube channel:


Thanks, as always, for stopping-by. Peace and wonderment to all!

Players for this piece of vintage analog ambience are: Catherine Barnes (trying out the cello for the first time)

And Paul Snyders (Clarinet and various light analog washes on treated long-tooth paper).


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