Scarborough Bluffs


And while I’m over at the far East end of town, I should probably mention that I reposted another music video (this one with my brilliant friend Joe Varga) to my new Youtube channel (which can be found here)

Facebook’s compression algorythms for photographs are somewhat obnoxious, but their crunching routines for video are outright heartbreaking! These versions are (while still homemade zero-budget projects) much much much prettier.

I’ll gradually post more and more to this channel – tunes and poems of all sorts – stay tuned!

And in the meantime, since I mentioned it anyhow, and a bit of colour is always most-welcome in this cloudy-grey, early, pre-bud spring period, why don’t I just embed the video right here for you?

If you set it for HD720 video (on the little gear at the bottom), it should go full-screen quite nicely.  ;o)

And thanks, as always – for the open ears, clever minds, and funky feedback.

Next poem-video (Palladin patience) is officially in ‘pre-production’ now (location-scouting team still debating the relative merits of the in-situ lighting package available in the laundry room, and the east-stairwell, early to mid-afternoon).

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