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Night Song for Cigar-Box Banjo is a new collection of twenty-first century poetry, informed in spirit by compassion, in mind by a wide range of history, science, and psychology – and in form, by centuries of poetry, active with insight and empowerment – both spiritual and practical.

Some of it swings – and some of it swings a fist! But not for the cathartic pleasure of anger – only lovingly, confronting our common demons head-on, so as to console, and inspire toward their transcendence.

The subjects approached include love, honour, friendship, inspiration, sacrifice – and also frustration, helplessness, hatred, misunderstanding, suicide and even the overwhelming horror of planetary self-destruction which faces and frightens us all together.

Which leads me nicely on to purpose – these are not poems that say – “look at how clever I am” they are poems that say, “I hear you, buddy. That really is a tough lesson to learn, or trial to overcome.” But also, “Why don’t we try?…” with the spirit of a happy and curious playmate. Is that ancient clue once again, just what we need? Could our happiness be hiding there – where we least like to look? Just askin’ ;o)

I believe in one human family – love and friendship – creativity and generosity – always learning more than what we knew, opening our hearts, and more than anything – kindness and play. Those incredibly fragile and precious virtues which most perfectly nourish the very best about us.

Night Song for Cigar-Box Banjo – available now from Large Ess Small Press.
(You can click here – and go directly to the store – or read-on)

Born into a lost civilization (sixties commune) the author has created music and visual art, worked in education and spent years applying hard science to the repair of vintage analog tech, all the while gathering clues to happiness, forgiveness and mutual understanding.

Above all, as Snyders reminds us in the opening line of the book “This is supposed to be fun, people!” and indeed, extending our compassion, knowledge of the world and our toolkit for further growth can all contribute hugely to our joy and satisfaction.

Even when we’re fearful about the state of the world, as many are nowadays, nothing can add positivity faster than a hopeful new perspective on problems so persistent, they may have come to feel inescapable.

A new way in, a light at the end of the tunnel, a consoling hug, a sweet clever friend on the bedside table. All this – and nifty pictures, too!

Night Song for Cigar-Box Banjo – available now, from Large Ess Small Press.
(108 pages, softcover, trade format, 7 illustrations)

Here’s the link to the store-page again – and thanks for reading through.
Trust me – you have never read this book before, my friend!

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