Here’s one of a cluster of five poems that came to me all at once as a gift, a few days after finishing Ladinsky’s translation of “The Gift” by Hafiz (superb).

It’s another one of those very small poems with a good deal of heft – I have a few friends who enjoy that form especially, and I’m always rather pleased when I stumble into one, myself. Tiny poems feel like one single super-sharp image, rather than a story, or perhaps a shaggy-dog joke, with setup, structure and punchline.

Aside from that – economy of means is not only efficient, but an aesthetic unto itself! (one in which I am not often accused of overindulging, to be sure). ;o)

The bonus for simple formulation – inverse-squared, anyone? – is how broadly applicable and accurate the tool can be, even based solely on relative measure.



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