Recess Only?


“Recess Only?” is the opening piece in my poetry collection “Night Song for Cigar-Box Banjo” and while the subjects and form of the other pieces range widely, it is still in a way also a natural overture.

Readers will no doubt have noticed that I am most especially interested in the big questions of life, and the small questions of how things are done.

I try my best with my poems to be both imaginative and practical. Offering my most courageous insight and also my best (and hardest) lessons learned. I’ve been surprised and delighted to learn that sometimes a simple poem can carry weight that whole essays cannot.

Thing is – as much of an intellectual as I may seem (still funny to me, since I never did really have any schooling) I’m even more interested in the condition of our hearts, than our minds.

Kindness as a starting principle, opens much – fun – as a higher order manifestation of same (and not just depraved escape) takes us on to whole new levels of love – for all our possibilities, and for one another.

And anyhow – as I believe may have been previously observed, life really is too short not to look up and check our course now and then. Make sure we’re heading toward a good harbour, and not endlessly driving out to sea on a never ending quest that leaves everything cozy and lovable behind!

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