Getting over my shyness


My third book is just about here, and that means it’s time for me to build up some of the complimentary skills that pair well with being creatively relentless.

You know how much fun I have playing with the written word for educational, humorous and dramatic purposes? Well my next challenge is to set aside what I’m comfortable with, and do a bit of stand-up.

Not comedy (Catherine rules the house on that front, in any case, by miles) but reading some of my work aloud – which makes me feel shy, and also activates all of my old hunger to polish visual audio and video things, and make them as slick as I can.

But of course – the production rhythm of a creative piece isn’t the same as a casual chat with a friend – and it’s the second of these I need to do much more of, and hopefully get comfortable with.

So here is my first completely unpolished shyness-confronting video. Many more to come (so this will hopefully look more and more ridiculous, over time, as I become marginally less so, by gradual degrees).

Thanks for stopping by, folks. Lots more fun inbound.

The story of the first love song I wrote for my super-cool wife – next time!

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