Here’s something that I’ve been intending for awhile – a reading of “Magic Days” which is the introduction to my book, “Structural Happiness.” It tells the story of the night I wrote my first love song for Catherine, and I even managed to dig up the original 1983 song itself (very silly, but entirely heartfelt) – so you can enjoy that bit of analog whimsy, right after the reading.

I have a funny challenge, when it comes to explaining my books. My articles range so widely, and I know I can seem awfully serious and overly intellectual sometimes, and then also too playful or opinionated at other moments – but I do actually have a very clear primary focus for my larger works.

It just happens to be a rare one, so it’s harder than it should be to describe.

I am serious – about love, respect, gratitude, curiosity, compassion, heart-saving humour, understanding, helping others, and learning new ways to approach the world which add new potentials for us all.

I am very serious about being entirely silly sometimes, too – because life isn’t an essay or an exam. We may imagine time any way we want, but we experience it in just one direction. We don’t get to have a practise-run first, and then go back for a perfect do-over afterward, because we forgot to enjoy ourselves.

The only time to dance, play, love, connect, try, laugh create and help is now.

To me, true intelligence isn’t used as a weapon for competing or defeating others – but taken up as a natural and inescapable – even joyous – duty.

To the heart first – from which all honour and purpose radiate.

Whoops, being too serious again, right? – but just wait ’till you hear the song at the end of the story – you may never stop chuckling (or toe-tapping) ;o)

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