Sorry it’s been so long, folks. Thanks to a medical emergency, life got extremely frightening there for a few weeks, and Catherine and I are only just beginning to recover our normal selves, from dire emergency mode.

I’m working hard in two directions at once just now. Trying to develop a bit more income, so Catherine can concentrate on long term recovery, and also preparing a show – not for vanity or fancy purposes, but out of clear and inescapable duty.

Each of us has a unique experience of life, and we are presented with opportunities to learn, as we go. Some of the hardest things I’ve had to endure, and some of the sweetest things I’ve been lucky enough to be a part of, have taught me a combination of lessons I don’t see reflected anywhere.

This means I can’t just be a fan, or buy a T-shirt. If I want these humane truths to be recognized and do useful work in the world, I have to demonstrate them myself – and then also stick around long enough to answer questions, afterward – clarify defend and extend the ideas, until they gain momentum.

Very simply – I can’t stand how many victims are created by righteous talk which is not powered by knowledge, humility, sensitivity or awareness, but instead by fury-justifying ego.

The walking wounded are everywhere now – some physically, and many more still with psychological wounds, far harder to see. In a very real way, it is everyone else – the health and wealth fortunate, but indignant – who are the modern zombies – because the thing the wounded all have in common, is that they have been forced into learning about compassion, because of limits they didn’t choose.

“Why should I?” – “Why don’t they?” –  “We should make them, or else” – all of these very popular and common feelings are expressions of severe and harmful mental disease and grotesque ingratitude. Both infantile, and highly poisonous to others.

“How can I help?” – “When do you need me?” – “Why can’t we do more?”
These are things a truly strong and responsible adult says, to those around them who are struggling.

Being angry about what is wrong is understandable – but solving it is our job – and that means getting way past the tantrum throwing, and doing the real work.

Not the most popular message I could choose, I will grant – but that just makes my duty even greater. I’m good at unpopular on principle, and at carrying the difficult load for the long haul – not just because my tough childhood taught me endurance, but because my studies have taught me about overcoming what I once thought were hard limits, on behalf of those who need me.

I do hope that some of what I have to say resonates for you right away – but even more, I hope that the parts of my message that bug you, stay with you – the same way radical musicians like Varese, Eric Dolphy and Ornette Coleman once bothered me greatly, until I finally realized that the lessons they had to offer me, were the ones I needed most.

Love and strength to you all – connection too – and not for some sappy pollyanna feel-good reason – I’m being rigorously practical here.

We cannot possibly work our way out of this mess without shared purpose – and we cannot possibly find that, with our heads stuck so very far up our…. well, you know.

Thin man, signing out – Asta la vista, folks!

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