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Hello my friends – here’s the second episode of “Hard Truth and a Big Hug” – called – Every Trick They Know – an all new piece of political stand-up, exploring conspiracy theories and a few other odd conceptual tools that we seem to greatly enjoy arguing about – and also touching on important relevant hidden history several times along the way.

Again, you will find me naming a few familiar names – but not to be gossipy – only to note where damage was done, or lessons really ought to be learned.

Pretending that there is an infallibly correct way of thinking, an always right country, philosophy, rule-book, or even an ideal kind of human being, is one of the oldest dangers produced by humans in dense concentration.

But think about it – get any three people you know together, and you’ve already got a dozen modes of thought in the room, right? We aren’t even the same version of ourselves from day to day, but show different sides, and often use different kinds of solutions, depending on our mood and the sort of day(s) we’ve been having.

On a grand planetary scale, we are all being foolish – and I’m not soft-soaping anyone on that – but we aren’t so far from making it as we think. The big problem, as so often, is that the things making the necessary cooperation impossible, are in some of the areas where we’ve created intense false pride and willful blindness.

Such a perfect match to the territory, that it almost looks deliberate – so many precisely disabling and undermining passions, taken so close to heart.

Hi Friends – here is another early episode which was lost for awhile – now restored over at my new substack site – go check it out here:

It is hard to admit we need change – a big hit to our pride, in an already low moment – but I’m no longer smiling and nodding to excuse that difficulty. Either we have, find and build what it takes to become bigger than the sum of our weaknesses, or we really ought to stop calling ourselves political, or claiming to be serious about principles, society or the environment in any way at all.

That’s not being mean, either. Pretending that intentions are the same as true commitment is far crueller – because this punishes those rare and wonderful humane outliers who do sacrifice, show up and try anyhow – even when it really is futile, and thus deserve the sincerest thanks of all of us lazy buggers who mostly emote and talk – and even then, not always as helpfully as we might.





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