Hello friends – here’s a brand new episode of – Hard Truth and a Big Hug – today I’m talking about what we care most about, what we pay attention to – and what gets ignored and begins to wither away, when we allow ourselves to love too narrowly.

This might all sound a bit hippy-dippy at first glance, but I assure you I am not advancing a partisan argument, but again trying my best to get past that trap where so many waste the bulk of their energy, without ever making lasting and serious general progress.

Do we want to do right in our lifetimes? Make things better than they were before us? Show genuine character and principle? Most people do have some yearning along these lines – but it’s still very easy for us to get lost along the way – sometimes by misleading signs, and sometimes by misreading them.

Hello friends – here is another episode of Hard Truth and a Big Hug which I had to take down to make space for new shows, but have been able to repost thanks to Substack

You can now find this (and all the other lost and found episodes) at my substack site:


Then again, no matter how modern we think we are, checking our course is always possible with a look back. History shows us the difference between a momentary truth and an enduring one. It also warns more than once about the risk of trading everything we value most, for a bottle of snake-oil, or a handful of magic beans.

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