Hey friends, here’s another brand new all original edition of Hard Truth and a Big Hug – by far the most topical episode I have yet attempted – pandemic edition, no less – though my points are still, as usual, braced very widely with all too rapidly forgotten, and yet also very revealing history.

Moving from denial to realism, it isn’t hard for us to overshoot the mark and go all the way to panic – we do see some people doing this now, but only a few, really – and we now have a good chance to show character here, and treat each other with the sort of kindness that helps create binding civic spirit for decades after.

There are enough powerful buffoons around that we might also go a very different way with it – that reaction is also on the record – and while expensive, not nearly so hard to achieve as it might be.

Worth remembering that fear, like anger, is fuel to power – almost never for – almost always against us.

Speaking to a dear friend today, I was reminded that those who have suffered extreme hardship really do often earn a tough and resilient form of humour – able to laugh at the worst – which makes it so much easier to accept reality, and resolutely reject gutless, infantile (and very often ruinous) denial.

Today’s unimpeachable proof? A perfect explanation for a great global mystery!

Q – “Why is there a toilet paper shortage?”
A – “Because every time one person sneezes, everyone else shits themselves!”

I’d like to give huge thanks for inspiration to three journalists today:

George Monbiot – whose surprising Guardian story on Fukushima can still be found here:

And just in case the article makes you doubt his serious progressive stance – check his bio
(I kind of have a crush on him, just for trying to make a citizen’s arrest of John Bolton alone).   ;o)

Gwynne Dyer – whose work is smart, relevant, witty and scary

(but be patient, he updates infrequently – which makes binge-wisdom a real thing now)

And finally, from the wonderful Intercept website, (think Snowden and Lula) Jon Schwarz
Especially this recent piece which helped inspire the kicker for my own story today.

Cheers guys – and thank you not just for how well you write – but how beautifully you think, before you do!

I am always curious about what you are thinking

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