Hi folks! Time for another hard truth and a big hug. Today: “You can’t guilt a fascist.”

But so what – what harm is there in any catharsis – ultimately paradoxical or not? The harm is that it throws off our aim, and encourages us to waste a lot of energy that we could be using far better, to effect genuine lasting positive change!


The world is getting more and more chaotic, more people have been disrupted than left alone, and fewer and fewer of us have realistic hope for any sort of a future worth living, let alone training and excelling to master.

Of course some older people will always feel nostalgic, under conditions like this – “Can’t we just go back to the way things were, when I could go through life without ever worrying about this stuff?” But we all know in our hearts there is no going back – those who were silenced before, will not keep silent any more.

We are either going to figure out how to rise together, or we are all going down for the count.

To quote “Never trust anyone over thirty” back to the generation which first invented and celebrated it, would be crass – a bit too much of an “I told you so.” But unlike so many of their confrontational slogans, that one does still hold up and carry some weight – whether or not the insight flatters us.


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