Hi folks – so happy to announce that “Stymie and Toffel” my first book for younger and especially enchanted folks is on its way to the printer – the final proof copies should be here soon. Very excited to finally put a physical book into the hands of my brilliant illustrator on the project – Andrew (Rewfoe) Foerster, so he can see how fantastically well his work worked-out!

But that’s not all! ;o)

I have also finally got my first three books – my poetry collection “Night Song for Cigar-Box Banjo” my book of gratitude for eccentric teachers about life and art, “Structural Happiness” and my volume of short stories about friendship “The Kind of Friend You Need” – all set up for lovely and unabridged PDF Ebook editions, and loaded into the Large Ess Small Press online store.

And still there’s more!

For my present (and also future) contributors on Patreon, I am sending out a free copy of the Ebook edition of “Structural Happiness” as a special thank you – and I hope it will amuse, stimulate and hearten you in this stressful time.

And now – since it has been a full week of Catherine trying in vain to put the brakes on my manic run, I really should take some time off – I think I will go play a very silly video game for awhile (that is to say, set the subconscious fermenter/rock-tumbler to work on the next tranche of creative problems).

Which include finalizing the setup for the first printing of the companion volume to “The Kind of Friend You Need” which is called “At a Crazy Time Like This” and then adding print and also lovely Ebook versions of both that and “Stymie and Toffel” To the online store.

Thank you my friends. I am so grateful for all the feedback, encouragement, inspiration and challenge.

Cheers to one and all. And now at last, to light amusement – tally ho!
(Lego violence really isn’t, ask anyone)


PS – Featured someplace on the list of things that you really have to love about the twenty first century (no matter how depressing we find the thing as a whole thus far), is the fact that a four-dollar “Green Screen” made out of Bristol board and thumb tacks actually works quite well. 

Momma, don’t let your kids grow up to be technicians!

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