Hi folks – just a little update today. Been working on tuning up my substack site which is located at:


Their bulk-upload feature is welcome, but decidedly imprecise, so this means a lot of editing and locating of lost pictures, to fill in embarrassing blanks

However – because they do not (yet) hassle me about charges for storage space or traffic – I have also been able to restore my full set of “Hard Truth and a Big Hug” podcasts, all the way back to the first episode (which retroactively-amusingly proves Catherine and I were well ‘ahead of trend’ on funky masks – and also includes a nice long bedtime reading from “Stymie and Toffel” at the foot of the post) – I’ve added new links to those now-live podcasts pages here, so you can finally listen to shows which sounded tempting, but proved most vexingly deleted! (apologies – always turned over to make space for newer shows, never dropped to spare myself embarrassment or to self-censor).

Still working on fine tuning all of the earlier stuff (quite a bit more than I realized), but the last three full years of posts (essays, podcasts, artists, photos, songs, poems, and politics) are now complete and looking rather pretty over on substack.

I will have some big announcements about Large Ess books and more, very soon. Stay tuned!

In the meantime, thank you all most sincerely (always, even when I don’t say it) for your thoughtful attention.

I can’t make my current flow without your connection to complete the circuit!

Cheers, grazie, danke, xiexie and merci beaucoup mon amis!

I am always curious about what you are thinking

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