Have I Ever Met A Boomer Who Would Never Screw A Kid?

The answer is yes – but folks, we really need to talk about the ratio


Hello dear friends and free thinkers everyplace. I have another heavy and important one for you today – but I want to make my intentions clear right up front. Because I come from a commune in which adults (boomers) absolutely devastated children without any shame or self-awareness at all, I have been personally working on this admittedly charged question for my entire life. But it would be not only too simple but simply wrong, to think I am seeking vengeance or simply resentful and stuck.

Not only did I see boomers do incredible damage to innocents (and innocence) which continues to cause life-threatening pain to this day, boomers also saved my life many times over, and this is so central to my awareness that I actually wrote three whole books about my gratitude for the steadfast love and generosity of many of my early creative and intellectual benefactors.

Here’s the thing though – the attitude that many boomers maintain to this day is so outrageously wrong, ignorant, infantile, bullying and obnoxious that it threatens to undo every last one of the best parts of their outsize and important cultural legacy.

On a certain level, I’m emotionally tempted to see it as the ultimate characteristic selfishness – even those few truly good things which we added to the world will be snatched away when we leave, along with the everything else that we destroyed along the way, to win those few new goods for ourselves.

I understand very well that many who I would most like to reach, will already be offended, mad at me, and reaching for a treasured defensive justifying idea to fend-off what I have assembled here, to try my best to help teach you a bit more humanity. Some of you will have this article forwarded by a child or grandchild – see if you can read it openly, for their sake. Some others have been lonely and bitter for years, and believe this is the fault of the world. For those – please read this piece for you – in order to learn how to add-back some of the love you’ve been pushing away your whole damn life.

I must also be clear, I entered right at the transition, so I’ve always understood that some people in that age cohort, never did acquire the complex of attitudes which are so incredibly frustrating to everyone else on earth. We all always recognized them as nice people, but they stand out for their simple integrity in the boomer generation like no other in all of our industrial centuries.

There are also many people who are younger than the standard limits of that self-congratulatory cohort, who exhibit the same combination of ignorance, narcissism, certainty and honourlessness – these absolutely are boomers in spirit and effect on the world, even where technically too young.

Vintage Gaslight

Did you ever notice that calling someone ‘immature’ is a hilariously fool-proof psychological test? Someone who really is not will be puzzled or amused, but someone who actually is, will immediately throw a gigantic dramatic incoherent tantrum of denial, to firmly prove the point! (and punish you, for making it).

I had a letter from a member of my old mass insanity and child abuse commune for the first time in decades, a couple of years ago. He seemed to be particularly insistent about one point. “Do you think I was in any way responsible? Because I really don’t!”

Of course, like every younger person, my immediate first-response was “No dude, no one would ever accuse any boomer of being responsible. That one, like maturity, skipped your generation entirely.”

But since he would not have got that joke (tantrum-response side, of the immaturity joke test) I wrote him back more seriously, that even though I was a child at the time, and in every way powerless, I still felt considerable responsibility for my own complicity and missed opportunities to defend the weak, defend principle itself (so often clearly being twisted) or act on my deep compassion for others.

Crickets, natch.

Here’s another oblique angle that might spark a clue – obnoxious Americans love to say they must be the greatest country on earth, because so many of the most successful people from around the world still want to come to live in America (even though this is incalculably less true today, than it was twenty, ten, or even five years ago).

What they don’t notice is that people from elsewhere only really want half of our deal. They like the idea of hard work and scaling prosperity an awful lot, but they do not want their kids to be like ours.

Many arrogant westerners (Canadians are obnoxious too, just less machine-gunny about it) assume that the parts of old country family culture our newcomers want to preserve are “Backward traditions” (I want to use Justin’s tone of voice from “Unacceptable views” his disastrous “Deplorables” moment).

Obvious racist shit, of course (to anyone but the boomer minded). They don’t want their kids to be straightjacketed miserable traditionalists, they want them to be happy and to do well – AND OUR KIDS DON’T – AND WE (as a society) DON’T EVEN CARE! This is just another aspect of that inability to laugh at the accusation of immaturity – that is, willful ignorance-preserving blindness. Once you decide your own rightness is axiomatic, principle is whatever stupid thing you feel, at any moment – and the casualties – even your own kids – are just collateral damage in the grand cause of ME!

No jobs left – but SMILE!

You know who else didn’t want to raise kids the way boomers did? Kids of boomers! Helicopter parenting is the (highly media boosted) paranoid excess over-reach side of this counter reaction. But the fact that boomers never even noticed subsequent generations all said “There is no way I’d ever treat an innocent kid that badly” really is beyond pathetic. Hard evidence of absent self awareness.

This special obtuseness – the starting idea that they were essentially good and right and blameless – free spirited freedom rebels – culture warriors – liberationists, even, was always bullying bullshit.

And here, I think, is the place so many boomers crawl back into their tunnels and hide from the light and truth which could lead them back into loving connection with their descendants once again.

What happens to any stubborn bully over time? How do the nice people around them, deal with their continued selfishness and disruption? They do their best to ignore them, they leave them out of the important conversations, which require responsible self-aware attitudes. They also isolate them from all the most vital and energizing things, because those selfish jerks have proven likely to ruin them.

This is why bullies actually do live in an uglier world than the rest of us – life withdraws from poison.

This is one of the reasons (aside from hatred and contempt toxicity) that so many boomers live in a miserable, partial and entirely artificial world. A prison built entirely from their own unending aggression against kindness respect and reality. A significant fraction of the most important feedback they get from others consists of purposeful (pacifier) lies designed to make them go away, so they don’t ruin all of the nice things they haven’t already trampled in their mindless locust scouring way.

People who were self-humorous, self-challenging, self-aware and truly in touch with the essence of life, simply would not tolerate this patronizing alienating coddling. They’d jump out of the stroller and walk – but boomers outright demand and extort for this kind of treatment (ask anyone in retail – they want what they want – and no stupid law of physics is going to tell them they can’t have it).

Affordable Housing

There’s an old joke about schoolteachers. If you judge by how much time care and work they put in, they are paid much too little, but if you judge by the results they achieve, they are paid way too much!

If we went by the intentions of the boomers (or at least what they pretended their intentions were) and their bulletproof self-belief, we would have to say the world is mean to them. But if we measure by the number of good things they inherited which will not survive them, not just prosperity, social advance, fair working conditions, healthy living conditions, rule of law and a vision for the future, but even more basic things like say, western civilization itself, you cannot help but come to a very different conclusion about the whole thing.

Whether the boomers were locked into “I am god and other people are nothing but props” fantasies from day one, or if they developed that characteristic madness over time, as a way to continue to fend off duty, reality, responsibility, guilt and shame, remains a tricky question – but huge numbers of them got there eventually, and have lived there ever since, quite oblivious to every institution they burn for firewood, and very focussed on feeling good about themselves, despite all the screaming in the background.

I was struggling really hard to come up with some way to indicate the central mental and emotional error, which has allowed the boomers to have had so many righteous-sounding causes on paper, and yet be so devastatingly destructive in their sum effect (we’ll get to the economics side, later). Then, as so often happens when one has raised the lance and begun the mental charge, I stumbled onto the exact idea and source I needed, a superb essay by Sam Kriss (to which I will link again, below) about “The oldest hatred”. Though the subject is dire, the piece is quite wonderful. He begins with anti-semitism, but proceeds through a whole gallery of totalist paradigms familiar to all of us. Including hits like – the most basic story of the world is how much men have always hated women, or how much whites have always hated blacks, how much pastoralists always hated agriculturalists, even how much those with language have always hated those who don’t share it.

The thing we can’t help seeing, thanks to the clever gathering of all of these totalist “The most basic thing in the world is someone else’s badness” theories, is that they are all wildly ignorant models, which casually leave out most people and most everything good about life, simply in order to insist that our personal resentment, rather than respect and gratitude for others, is our finest possible end state goal. I’m tempted to say the boomer approach is so hate-centred it became leftist-Skinnerian – but only my boomer chums would get the reference – and they really wouldn’t like me making it!

Brick Wall Denial

I want to be clear about how wrong that is. Assuming that our own treasured hatred is the result of knowledge, rather than ignorance, isn’t just incorrect and dehumanizing to others – it sets millions on the philosophical path to suicide, by constructing known impossibles, as absolute imperatives.

And do please think a minute about how often we do that, in our most popular emotional formulations.

So here it is – women’s rights are of course a gain, but hatred of men is not justice or helpful, it is just another kind of bigotry. Kriss very helpfully pointed out that many of the angry-at-men feminists (not at all the historical core of feminism, but rather a very very boomer take on something much older) were one hundred percent sure that lesbian relationships would be entirely free of all sexual jealousy, violence and abuse, because – obviously – women were just not capable of any of that.

Having run the experiment, and found the conclusions refute the theory soundly, again and again…

But here it is – I mean here it really is – the biggest thing that any boomer could take from this piece – and use to grow outward toward others who might seem hostile or resentful, for mysterious reasons.

Happier lives for women is not the point of all feminism. Some is about staying angry and knowing who to blame. Every single thing the boomers did is contaminated in this way. A social theory that seems like progress is shaped to say, we will all hate the bad thing, and then things will be better!

But when we find long term evidence that the hating technique and theory both were always wrong (almost always too general and too unkind – basically witch-burning mob-hatred “for justice”) we don’t reject the theory and become wiser and nicer, we reject the evidence and get angrier – because that was always the part we treasured most – the dark side of the force – (and do please forgive me for referencing the only concept of religious morality many millions now recognize).

Now – if you want to be a screaming bigot for something lousy – knock yourself out. That is way up there with the oldest games and pastimes we always-ignorant humans play. But being a screaming ignorant bigot for something crucial to others? Especially rights which you demanded and enjoyed by crushing weight of numbers, but never bothered to secure for all of the others to come after you?

That is called reckless endangerment. Honestly, I don’t want to be mean but you guys have really got to stop driving – you are blind – that makes you an absolute ongoing hazard to everyone else on the road (of life). Relax, ride in the back for awhile (and maybe have a bit of practise at quiet-time, too) after all, if it wasn’t nap time, you wouldn’t be this cranky, would you? Or do we have to pull the car over and have a little discussion first?

What’s Left In The Wake

I made this point about Israel in a recent essay. For decades, so many people used dishonest and unprincipled attacks against those who were trying to speak and question, that it distorted and largely muted the discussion and most people just shut up about it altogether. Many Israel boosters are now shocked to find that huge numbers of those silenced citizens did not ever agree with what was happening – the way they lazily assumed – they just stopped trying to talk to those who had shown themselves to be bullies – and so stopped reminding them that huge numbers have hated the ongoing tragedy, this whole time. The bullies own actions stopped them from getting feedback they actually needed for safe steering.

Boomer attitudes are in this same reflexively extortionate and thus demanded-ignorance category – far better known to everyone in the service trades and gig economy as “asshole customers.” The kind that go way out of their way to make already shitty jobs suck a whole lot extra. Because their “rightness” is always the most important thing going on – anywhere – at any time of day or night!

Now – I understand I am in danger of simply bitching about bitching – but there is something crucial and bog basic here, which absolutely must be understood by both boomers and all younger “Change Agents” who might seek to imitate them. Tantrums are not heroic, they are not revolutionary, they are not progressive, they are not helpful at all, actually. WE HAVE RUN THE EXPERIMENT – LOOK AROUND YOU (idiot).

The tantrum is a form of protest that says “I am upset – but I am not in any way responsible for this upsetting situation and I declare in advance that I will not be part of solving it either – but I demand someone else must. Someone who I also hereby accuse of being evil!” (Because not in denial of responsibility?)

Cosmetically, this can look very much like the old protest movements which helped win so many helpful changes and advances for common people between the 1870s and the 1970s. But if you scratch the surface you find two things missing in the modern variations first ushered-in by boomers and made standard ever since – program and principle – and lacking these, you haven’t got a solid movement, you have cathartic theatre at best (and all kinds of creative and interesting riots and damage to your cause, as an entirely predictable matter of course).

I am convinced the authorities who used to be afraid of mass protest have done everything they can to outright promote this ego-driven version with no solid program or deeply shared principles – because unlike the earlier variants, ‘performance protest’ does not threaten the control of those who are already far too powerful in any significant way at all. They like us freaking out, they don’t see devastated neighbourhoods, they see big real estate bargains! (It really is hard to convey just how shamelessly predatory our master class has become, as we have learned to compliantly serve it).

Now it’s time to use another catchy common insight to suggest a key subtlety. “It ain’t what you do, it’s the way that you do it.”

It is way too easy for us to plug-in specific cases as emotional proof we are right, without noticing that even if our causes might feel righteous, our approach is unprincipled, and thus bound over time to empower those who would use our impulse to do good, to accomplish ends that we would recognize as evil (if we understood that we were always and forever responsible for keeping track of what use was ultimately made of our social demands – and what results had come in, on our beloved theories).

The Garden We Were Supposed To Tend

A couple of years ago I heard that one of the survivors of our commune cult was trying to pursue some justice for the victims. Like many, I was cautious, but of course curious. By the time I tuned-in I could see that an admirable amount of energy and work had been applied to the case, but I also felt the need for caution, because so many of the casualties I know, remain in a very precarious state (as all too well proven, by a subsequent heartbreaking suicide). I was first assured that ‘care’ was being applied and I felt a rush of excitement, because this story has not been properly told by anyone (despite two books about the commune – both of which underplay the madness and the evil which were always fundamental to the project, and thus, like so many boomer stories, are lies meant to preserve ignorant theories, instead of learning lessons for which far too many paid far too much).

I even began to contact several of my friends who, like me, have key pieces of the story, to see if they wanted to share them. But then, in seeking compassionate caution and clarity, I triggered that unmistakable immaturity irritation in the quester and realized – oh geez, this is also a boomer – damn. Their point was not (as I had so hoped) about speaking up for the healing of the still scarred children who remain tortured victims, decades later, but rather to express anger (of course) about how badly all of the parents who handed their kids over to suffer all of that abuse, were treated.

To be clear, I have the greatest sympathy here – so many adults really were treated abusively. But they were adults, who walked into the madness on their own two feet (and many left, over the years, so though the psychological pressure was great, there was no violence or retribution for leavers).

We kids were born into the craziness – we had no other frame of reference – no north star of sanity, with which to reassure ourselves that what we were feeling, wasn’t just the basic nature of the world.

Who else but the parents, should have rescued the children? What authority, ought to have shut down our commune by force? (and wouldn’t we all consider that way too much state interference with precious freedom of lifestyle and faith?)

So, my excitement for that project is gone, I only worry that it might tip more of the walking wounded past their fragile equilibrium. Fingers crossed that caring and not retribution really can become the guiding light, anyhow. The most sharply educational stories will wait for a different quality of energy to gather them (or just die with the victims, like most of the most educational stories always have).

Again, I saw a fascinating recent clue to all of this from the extremely interesting and important social science work of Jonathon Haidt and Greg Lukianoff – two of the key researchers who have proven the great harms of social media, to the mental health of young people. Young women in particular.

In a more recent study they were fascinated to find that young people who called themselves leftist were significantly less happy than those who described themselves as on the right or conservative.

Now of course I know all my leftie chums (and boomers too) will be rushing to say “That’s because they are simply aware of more scary but important realities, and they care much more about them.”

So here’s the thing about that. Stop believing what CNBC (or CNN Guardian, Mother Jones or FOX) tells you about fellow citizens who disagree – no matter the tribe, that’s all sales-shit, designed to make you enjoy your ignorant hatred, stay tuned, stay ignorant, keep hating, and feel absolutely great about it. Seriously, it is pure bigot fuel – on left and right equally (most often a very creepy blend of both, to double-twist reason)

More to the point, we are once again in danger of confusing the sheet music with the instrument.

Why does having an internal locus of authority make you happier? Because it makes you take steering more seriously, plan actions in your life to create change over time. The old joke still applies – you want to make god laugh? Make plans. But I know I’m not the only one who has found that the weird stuff I stumbled into accidentally, while I was seeking something very different, has brought me all of the best growth, gifts and treasures of enchantment in my entire life.

The point is not that I got what I first set out for – I actually never once did – but only that in seeking, I finally found what I actually needed (because I was active enough to give it a chance to find me) which always turned out to be something way way better than anything I was smart enough to even know to look for.

This is why living inside stale dated theories justifying our goodness by our contempt for the evil other – and just sticking with the sincerely hating our way to love peace greenitude and anti racism plan – predictably makes us miserable – because this is a disproven technique which generates entirely useless poison in our minds hearts and lives – and makes us ignore our real impact on the world! Try as sincerely as we might, we can’t play eine kleine nachtmusik on a freakin’ toilet plunger!


To summarize – the most essential boomer formulation is some variation of the following:

“The basic nature of other people is whatever it would need to be to justify how much I hate them.”

Philosophically, we might almost call it the world’s first omni-bigotry. Even kids are prey now – from ‘free love’ for us, directly to ‘tough love’ for the kids, no skipped beat – no bottom, or moral limits. External locus of control. “If my kids are screwed up, that ain’t my problem, nothing to do with me, let welfare or the cops deal with it.”

Which is to say the principle underpinning all of their progressive claims, is virtually identical to the principles of the KKK – or the murdering Mongol hordes, for that matter – ignorant hateful expedient certainty – with no actual principles, restraining actions or serious moral thought whatsoever.

Now – there are still so many different approaches which can shed light and add more clues, but I don’t want to consume your entire day, so instead of trying to be exhaustive, I will be suggestive here – those who are interested will learn much by digging further in all kinds of productive directions.

First on the revolutionary front (a general subject of special historical interest to me).

What the violent anti-war clashes of sixty eight between young protestors and state force, followed by an early seventies retreat to poetry, gardens (and indeed, nutty communes) ultimately accomplished, was to challenge the state to a gunfight (that is, in the eyes of the powerful, provide adequate causus beli) and then walk away from solidarity with workers (the old heart of the left) forever, leaving a far more armed and violent state, eager to suppress workers and others, and actively engaged in penetrating every last social movement there is, just in case they turn out to be the one that actually can create some genuine positive change before they are co-opted. (The threat every modern state fears a thousand times more than the demented idealogical violence-nutters they claim to be hunting – and this ‘mission’ goes all the way back to Hoover versus the union movement of the thirties – it has just got ever more sneaky and big-brothery, every time it was, as in ‘68, given any excuse).

To call that a win for others, you would need a wonderful imagination (or a lot of sentimental heroin)

Now – economics – how did the generation who were all ‘rebels against the icky system’ do there?

In simplest terms, by being the richest generation ever, and investing their pensions on the market, they became the all time greatest boosters of capitalism in history. No kidding, folks. It’s worse than that though, because they also voted against taxes (so square and oppressive), not only for themselves, but for those much richer than them also – just in case they moved up a few rungs!

As they got a bit older, and those pension funds got extra powerful, Reagan economic liberalization helped that capital squeeze more profit out of old firms, destroying things like starting jobs and worker dignity with a rapidity and thoroughness (and social impact) that most boomers (by proportion, far more middle class, than any previous or subsequent generation) never even noticed. I want my ten percent return, god dammit!

It all reminds me of how Franklin Roosevelt was accused by many capitalists in the thirties, of being a class traitor, for implementing so many social programs. But Canada’s biggest loudmouth capitalist Conrad Black figured the real story out, when he wrote a very well regarded biography of FDR. Roosevelt didn’t undermine capitalism, he saved it at the last minute, when it was in serious danger of being completely overturned by popular will for something altogether less corrupt (which is not to say automatically better, but might at least have been a hopeful break with Wall St.)

Those thirties capitalists just couldn’t see the big picture, too one-sided. Boomers who felt like rebels missed the fact that their rebellious talk always had the weight of hot air – but the prayer-pennies they faithfully added to the ever growing pile, were always tributes (and deepest fealty) to mammon.

My lifelong habit of sublimated masochism won me my next clue. I spent way too long as several kinds of partisan, and have since come to recognize that clues simply do not have teams. So I make a point of listening to people who bug me a lot, on a regular basis, just to see what clues they have. Richard Wolff is someone I should like a lot, he’s a lifelong leftist economist who is now getting a lot of attention, mostly because he’s “Still standing” when a lot of others have been firmly shut up.

But he is also a perfect example of the most obnoxious kind of boomer – so completely certain of his own rightness on every level that he can’t help dripping sneering contempt, where others might prefer to cleanly refute opposing ideas, so as to provoke less unnecessary resistance to their own. (Yes, I’m doing my mirror check later, and anyhow, just shut up for now, ‘kay? I’m working here…) ;o)

I digress – the clue which justified watching an excruciating hour of his blowhard sneering was this – Business and citizens both demand services from government, which must tax, to provide them. Both resist taxation, and generally keep increasing demands for service. Over time, business shifted more and more of the taxation burden to citizens, who increasingly revolted against the load, but kept demanding not just more funding, but also whole new categories of services.

So – our governments ended up borrowing money from the same people they should have taxed – in order to deliver demanded services, which looks okay in the short term, but really means we end up bribing the irresponsible rich (exact same people we should have simply taxed), just to allow others in society to barely survive. It also creates very serious problems for those who are still to come. (And I am paraphrasing very loosely there, to be clear – you can’t make me listen to it again!)

So yeah – you made the rich richer, gave them more control and screwed your grandkids. Trifecta!

Now I’d like to more generally review the problem with ignorantly hating our way to love justice and world peace (or just being mad about things in general, as any kind of a way to do good).

Why do we have micro-plastics showing up in fetal tissue and Antarctic ice? Because we are liars! Seriously folks, plastics recycling is mostly bullshit, a fraction gets re-used, and the rest has simply been dumped on poor countries by rich countries for decades, where it has eroded, degraded, and entered the water cycle! We were so in love with our do-gooder theories, we poisoned the world! (while acting like vicious bullying mark-one colonialists, and putting up posters about anti-racism).


At risk of repeating myself – we have run the freakin’ experiment!

Another excellent conceptual model, to convey the practical effect that boomers (and their unprecedentedly powerful investment instruments) have had on others is the idea of “gentrification.” On their watch, the entire world has become an over-priced speculative investment, including every last thing which others, our young here and everyone elsewhere, actually needed, just to live!

People – electric cars are driving war and corruption exactly like oil did – only uncountable idiots now feel really great about the virtue they create by hating oil, while feeling no sympathy at all for those who are in the way and must be destroyed to get our new vital commodities. These (boomers and psychotic successors) ARE THE NEW (economically) COLONIZING SUPREMACISTS. Be clear, folks, a senior EU economic advisor recently let slip that eastern Ukraine has the only serious lithium deposits in Europe outside of Serbia, and “They absolutely must have it” for economic and strategic reasons. Good guys don’t mass murder for what they want, they negotiate and trade for it, fairly.

Now I’m going to tell what some would misunderstand as a racist joke (rather than a joke about ignorance, power differentials and wealth, which it so clearly is), which was first told to me, by a hilarious Vietnamese jokester friend from my community college days. For my critique-first pals, I situate this squarely within my long-arc understanding of Vietnamese history, and their incredibly reasonable skepticism about their regional neighbours. As so often, there is something useful inside.

A North Korean, a South Korean and a Japanese businessman were all dining together one night, when the waiter came to their table with a regretful expression to announce:

“I am very sorry, but there is no more steak tonight.”

The Japanese said “What is I am very sorry?” The South Korean said “What is no more?”

The North Korean said “What is steak?”

The boomers are from the rich countries, everyone else is the waiter – or the hungry desperate guy.

How do the boomers feel about independent media? They think Joe Rogan is a Nazi, just because he’s curious. How dare he ask new questions, instead of loyally repeating every correct doctrine statement issued by the glorious thought police division of the obviously always good ones!

There’s a ton of sneering about other figures who many find interesting also (Russell Brand comes to mind, instantly) but nobody gets insulted by idiots more often than Rogan, which makes him a perfect case to point out something else which boomers never seem able to see in their own mirrors.

NOT EVERYTHING IS FOR YOU. (And the fact that you think it should be, is a sickening form of deep-culture violence against others, and it has been a culture-cancer, this whole damn time).

Nice kids let other kids have some play time also (and despite your insistence on infinite moral relativism, everyone else has figured out that the privileges for nice kids, were wasted on you).

A huge range of new media is dedicated to figuring out – How did we get so screwed-up anyhow? This question drives boomers insane – what do you mean, we’re doing fine!

About that – nobody else but you has been doing fine for decades. You just didn’t bother to notice. Now why not try a bit of uncharacteristic humble listening for awhile, and see if you can maybe learn something from the younger set (the wide range of anti-tribalist outreach is especially hopeful here – so is the determination to recover some kind of hopeful VISION for our culture at long last).

How did the boomer demographic respond to covid? Dealt devastating damage to their grandkids.

How did the boomer demographic respond when Donald Trump harnessed workers outrage? Well, we can see it clearly now. They would rather start a civil war, than actually address workers in a non patronizing, serious and principled way. (Did you forget what they did to the rail union already?)

How did the boomers respond, when Hillary invented a Russian plot, so they could add racism to their hatred of Donald Trump and call him a foreign agent, instead of the most outrageously American president in all of history? (what everyone else in the entire world saw, unsettling as he is).

Boomers loved that one hundred percent racist fiction so damn much they still won’t get over it. They would actually rather nuke the world (Lynch those filthy untermenschen slavs, for once and for all), than admit they all gleefully backed an unprincipled scumbag racist mass murderer, because they were so worked up about their hatred for an obvious asshole. (And if you don’t yet understand that Libya was pure racist colonialist mass murder, you must definitely be a boomer in spirit, even if you’re younger – because no one with an active heart and principle is capable of that level of psychotic ignorance).

Seriously guys. You wrecked prosperity, family, rights, rule of law, free speech and medicine, and it isn’t enough to just roll up the carpet behind you, now you have to incinerate it all with nuclear fire?

Fuck off. Get off the road. Shut up. Learn something. You’ve killed enough already, you really have.

WAKE UP (it’s time to go to school)


Finally – sort of as an afterward, I really ought to give the last word to the kids of today – they really are sweeter than us bitter X bastards, after all (almost poetic in their generosity, and their clarity).

Here’s a piece I wrote after talking to students of today about boomers. Even after all these years, kids still say the durndest thangs!

Here’s the link to that great Sam Kriss essay about the oldest hatred, again

To read more about the work of Haidt and Lukianoff, check out their After Babel site.

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