If it looks like I’m behind, that’s ’cause I’m just about to lap you

Aesop was no idiot – the steady tortoise still outruns the hare-brained napper


Hi folks – today I want to talk about the way almost everything that used to seem hopeful or forward looking has been turned into factional bitterness and pointless shit. Reality upon which to meet? Verboten.

I will try to keep this one super-clear, (but probably fail to make it super compact), in the hope it might be more useful for more people (just in case you think it could help mend a feud or misunderstanding which has been bugging you).

I didn’t go to school as a kid (no instruction, in any normal sense), but I did grow up inside a library (my father is a true book-nut), and I’ve spent an awful lot of time reading asking and learning since.

I don’t actually know whether I was always a natural autodidact (self-teacher) or if I am that way because I was forced into that shape by the commune’s educational madman – I suspect it is a combination of both. Built that way anyhow, but then cattle-prodded rather hard on top of that!

The funny thing about my early educational weirdness is that the emotional damage was so deep and reverberating (and so completely silenced, by every adult around us experimental subjects) I still can’t easily express it, but in terms of the learning side? I’m honestly kind of cool with it.

There is definitely some stuff that smart kids who paid attention in school know, that I don’t (and I do work to correct those gaps when I find them, rather than bluster and cover, and thus preserve them).

But because I study what interests me, and then go as far as I want, without any external reward or guidance required to draw out my efforts, I get along really well with enthusiasts and keener professionals in every field, just as I am very widely hated by half-smart sneering jerks of every known variety on earth. (Also why I find smart women make the best friends – they know the difference between genuine enthusiasm and petty put-down sparring, and so don’t insult my joy!)

What I love is what knowledge is about – the work in the world which it is supposed to do – and I challenge people who use knowledge to bully others by reflex, because to me, the interest and enthusiasm which leads anyone to ask the entry question is the good stuff, not being better-than.

I am genuinely enthusiastic about a lot of things that many people were taught are difficult or bothersome, and even though being a generalist means you can only go so deep (time is finite, even when you are paying attention), one absolutely does find a ton of clues in the linkages between different techniques and understandings, which specialists often overlook (no fault – they are just digging too deep into their thing, to be able to see the rest of the world over the rim anymore).

The thing about my understanding of the world which I most rarely see reflected aloud, is that I work very hard to remember my many ignorances, in all of the places where I now know more. Part of this is a writer thing. Characters must have different levels of knowledge about the world, or else you’re really just writing an essay. Remembering ways I was dumb, helps me show characters who need to learn, then take them through a journey which contrasts real ignorance with later real knowledge.

I am also a shameless pusher of books, learning, art fun and culture of every kind. If you like drawing, I want to learn more about your feeling for that, and bring some sweet fuel to your creative fire – same if you like electronics, history, politics, economics, aerospace engineering, poetry, music…

And here’s a funny thing that everyone who really teaches learns – just because you understand something one particular way, that doesn’t meant that everyone else can use the same idea you do, to usefully understand it themselves. The scaffolds in our heads are different, and those different shapes bear weight in different ways. Each ignorance I remember, is another door I might be able to open for someone who has not be able to find or make use of other entrances. This isn’t trivial, not being able to find the way in, to things as basic and lifelong-useful as math, can produce a permanent frustration and incapacity, where every single one of us is instead entitled to competence and JOY!

It’s actually even better than a big keychain, though, because the richer a collection of ways to understand you can gather, the more nuanced and connected a picture you can deliver. It might be key number five that gets them to share the “eureka, I see it now” thrill (please tell me I’m not the only one who considers that revelatory moment, as when we grasp a geometrical proof, an intellectual orgasm), but keys number one through ten, taken together, will tease them with all kinds of extra directions to drive further good questions, which can help make the new understanding feel like something they have earned and can keep, instead of just something cool they once heard about.

This – for any who were offended at my repeated offhand condemnation of teachers who are only a chapter ahead of their students – is why I don’t think, but KNOW that isn’t teaching. You have to care in a way which is reflected by your actions over time (reading and asking both) and if you do care in the right way, even if you’re just a starting teacher, you already come with rich toolbox of interest and ways in, which will get richer still every time you teach.

Please note here, when I say teacher, I don’t mean a formal classroom instructor (though I have been pressed into duty that way a few times, in various years), but anyone who likes to help others learn and grow their skills – so that they too can share inspire and radiate knowledge skill and learning.

People who use knowledge to belittle, insult, dissuade, bully and sneer are the opposite team – jerks!

I got good at four basic skills, over the course of my life, but only two of them felt like hard work – working as an electronic repair technician – and working as an art model. Working in education, as I did on and off for decades, and writing, always felt like things I was just supposed to be doing – duty.

Not saying I started off writing anything worth reading (though I did find things that were worth saying, long before my style and proficiency came together). Nor was I always as wise as I should have been, for the sake of the students around me (even there, idealism can and will bite you), but they always knew I was trying to see things from their perspective, and that I wanted to share my fearless enthusiasm for all the stuff that was still intimidating to them, to help them learn to wield it also, not just skillfully, but also playfully!

Being a retail level technician takes a weird combination of skills. I learned a ton about human beings in that particular series of laboratories, which functioned well for long-term multi-sample social research, not just fine tool use!

It began when a kind worker at Wealth and Hellfire (health and welfare) Canada got sick of looking at my pimply face every week and plunked a binder of sponsored community college programs in front of me. I selected the ten month course in “Audio Electronic Repair and Systems” at George Brown College and was off (age 20) to my first classes with teachers and marks since grade three.

My girlfriend at the time (now wife, to my eternal fortune) was already studying marketing at George Brown, and when she was having difficulty with statistics I said no problem, we’ll fix it in a day. She was skeptical but hopeful – one day? We went to the reference library and I started checking indexes and grabbing a full armload-pile of books off the shelf, each of which addressed the same key topics.

Catherine was a bit confused – why do you need so many? Why not just one? She soon saw why. We didn’t just look at one, we looked at all of them, rejected the most boring off-putting and confusing right away, and were still left with several very different explanations of each of the key principles.

Did it work? Well, thanks to the wonky bell-curving of the time, she went from being totally lost at the start of the week to getting a mark of 105% on her statistics exam that Friday morning!

I used the same approach with every text I got at community college. Okay, that’s the stuff you require me to know – but what about the stuff that would help me not just use, but understand it?

Which is why I ended up doing my own detailed drawings of the atomic lattice of several popular semi conductors, and later working through my own digital truth tables – just reading a table and taking it on faith wasn’t enough. The Montessori bug never left me – I want to FEEL it work, in as many different ways as I can (and yes, you do trust knowledge you earn that way more fully, and can use it with more confidence).

Naturally, the keener teachers loved me, the time-servers hated me (too many damn questions) and my fellow students who were interested, came to use me as a resource (which was my pleasure).

When I went back to the program six years later as a working professional, to quickly add video systems to my qualifications, they had moved Electronics to the Casa Loma campus (from the funny old Mr Christies Cookie factory St James campus, where I went originally) – but students were still passing faded photocopies of my notes from the audio course around. Sincerest form, and all that.

The retail side of it was actually the strangest, for the first few years. Growing up in a cult definitely messes you up, when it comes to relating to normal people. You stumble all the time, say stuff that makes everyone look at you like a freak – hey, it was normal where I came from, what can I say?

Restaurant work and earlier retail did a lot to get me over my shyness and teach me about people – OMG, was there ever a doctrine on earth which didn’t dangerously oversimplify that crucial study?

But when you are doing repairs to equipment which audiophiles or musicians consider crucial, you are into a whole different range of emotions. That’s their baby, they’ll have you know, and if you can’t show them that you care for it also, they simply will not trust you.

I worked very hard, consciously, for years, on this particular problem. Bed-side manner, with a test probe and an oscilloscope. At one point I even invited other technicians to give me their grumpiest customers, just so I could practise my skills as a high-stress negotiator.

So here’s the thing that taught me – you have to listen first. No really, you actually HAVE TO.

That isn’t something which comes easily to modern westerners. We like to say what we think and even more how we feel about things, we like to be right and feel smart, without doing much leg-work, we like to feel we are pretty good as we are, and we do not welcome things which undermine that.

But which fight do you want to win? Do you want to seem right every second (even if you actually aren’t), or almost always be successful (and a little bit wiser) in the end?

The thing about listening first – even when they are completely wrong (demanding outright violations of physics, with great emotional force) is that you are doing two things. You are learning about what they actually do think, and you are showing them some basic respect. (and yes, in retail, that often means accepting some emotional abuse, just to clear the air – tough-skin is part of the gig).

In teaching terms, you are figuring out the particular quality of ignorance of the student, so that you can then select the best possible smartening-up idea, from your wide hard knocks store of same.

Of course there are cases which are unreachable by any means, but way fewer than you’d think.

And by no means do I mean to present as a paragon, I snap too, I just try to build the sinew so I can take on a more challenging load before I do, and thus do work which some others simply can not.

Anyhow – I definitely know technicians who can read schematics faster, and create them on the fly without recourse to calculation and head-scratching, and I admire and respect them greatly. I also know a few who are better with transport mechanisms than I (though fewer, there). But if you want a balance between customer understanding, expert equipment diagnosis and fine careful tool and calibration work, you’d have a hard time doing better than me – back in my prime, anyhow. ;o)

(damn do I miss tools in my hand – lead-vapour and dense fogs of contact cleaner? Not so much!)

That is, some are cleverer, some are more obsessive, but I do my best at both and also care.

Should I have started with politics? I’m honestly so sick of all-sides-stupid politics, I wanted to take a different way in for a change. It isn’t that I can stop watching the madness, every single day – turns out the Visigoths are us, whoda thunk? – but the popcorn is still tasty, so what the heck – I watch!

But if we can’t put some of our weight on a non-crazy, non quicksand and piranhas footing, at least some of the time, we are doomed to exist in a state of constant panic. And not only are fear and anger toxic – drowning people drown others – functional necessity demands that we must do better!

Which leaves atheists like me with a funny problem, because we don’t have a clear external value referent to adhere to, or even to faithfully challenge on deep principle. We sort of make it up as we go along, which really is an awfully quicksandy approach to building your philosophical edifice.

Sure we take pride in the fact that no false idols are holding us back, but they don’t hold us up, either.

And here’s something that a lot of my friends on the left don’t understand about the younger folks who are being called “new right” and despised widely and dishonestly, by every established power game in town (which always ought to be an alarm bell and a clue, to every principled thinking person).

They aren’t Straussians. That is – they aren’t cynical me-first cash-or-be-killed barbarians, as they are so often portrayed. They don’t love corporations and they outright despise monopolies. To them, the fact that big finance people like William F Buckley came to represent the right, was a decades long betrayal of the crucial principles that always were worth defending. Integrity honour and duty to others, most especially. They hate ‘the system’ more than the Bernie crew, for the same reasons.

The funny thing is, even though many of them are far more willing to acknowledge the steadying value of a spiritual code which is well beyond your own individual whim and ego, they too were raised inside our unprecedentedly cynical, selfish and alienated consumerist culture. So even with the clear desire, they still share our ultra-alienated struggle. Eden does not allow easy re-entry.

The heartening part is that they really don’t want to just put on Christianity like an insincere mask, a fancy suit and a restrained performative vocabulary that they only break out on Sunday mornings, they feel a deep need to connect with and truly feel the magic fire inside the ancient tradition.

Which is a desire that I, and many of my forlorn (abandoned) sincere leftist friends fully share, albeit, always using very different words to indicate the missing heart-piece which we intuit in common.

I’m not trying to say there is broad agreement about everything – no way – I’m just saying, the idea that these kids are about boots on necks for bosses is a grotesque power-serving libel. They want out of the evil corporate trap, just like us, and their aspiration joined to ours would be a truly unstoppable force for change – which is exactly why the division and hatred between factions must be promoted above all else! Lest we all finally become useful, and are then made to face true, rather than just our much-preferred rhetorical, tests.

THAT IS the proletarian vanguard, dummies – the universities went own-nothing bug-eater long ago – and that was never about Gaia. Just another whip for banker lords and gleeful self-flagellant peons.

I was working on another very different (angrier) essay the other day, and I found myself writing page after page, trying to clearly describe my political and philosophical positions, using terms which I realized about halfway through, no longer have any commonly shared meanings at all.

I mean that seriously, too. It isn’t just left and right that no longer bear any resemblance to any principled incarnation of their founding spirit, all of the more subtle and complicated formulations (what Marxists used to call ‘tendencies’) are so disconnected from deep reading and understanding, that we just make up whatever we want them to mean, based upon our feelings about the last person we saw on television who was given that label by a bored (or sometimes outright evil) line producer.

Without wishing to be mean about it, serious politics is for serious people – and we in the decadent (and smells like it) west, simply do not meet those prerequisites anymore. Please note – this is not a moral judgement or condemnation, just an honest observation about where western society as a whole, now is. I am certain that a big part of the hopelessness shared by so many, begins with our firm refusal to engage in mature and responsible ways, with the problems that most disturb us.

Now let me try to sketch a clear outline of where I’m coming from, despite our vague shape-shifting language, not for the sake of my own vanity, but because I know that some of this will resonate with many others who no longer feel able to make themselves understood – even among those who used to seem like soul-deep team-mates.

I can begin with a few basic things about where I stand, that are pretty damn clear.

I oppose war of every kind and I always have. I study war endlessly, to oppose it more clearly.

War is the ultimate form of abuse, and since I come from a commune full of people who thought other things were more important, and thus supported outrageous child abuse, I recognize when maniacs and power-mad idiots try to charm crowds into not noticing those they are trampling underfoot.

This point is really important – my idealistic (and experience-derived) position about the world is ALWAYS conditioned by a key awareness – that idealisms of all kinds can hide blindness and abuse.

When this arises (never rare, and now more common than ever) there is no question or debate about it – you MUST go with the real person case and situation, worry about the dogma and policy later.

This is how you DO have ideals, without becoming a maniac. Someone who will harm others shamelessly just to prove how much of a true believer they are, is not your serious hard core political ally, no matter how (on right and left) they do insist – that is a person with no principles at all.

This doesn’t just apply to war, either. Anyone who thinks feminism justifies cruelty to individual men, or that anti-racism tells them something true about the (identical and essentially evil) contents of white people’s souls, is an unhinged maniac, not a person of principle. And though I am a lifelong atheist, I can’t help noticing we used to understand this important distinction better, in more religious times.

Principle is the idea that you believe in so much, you allow it to limit and shape your actions.

(And no – ejecting hot air while hot-tempered – does not count at all, on this scale of action).

Ideas which we use to gleefully denounce others (and make them seem demonstrably sub-human, using theories which allow us to be proud of that always-evil emotional drive), but which do not call for any serious sacrifice or restraint on-principle in our own life, are called denunciations (and are rather frequently a steaming pile of concocted misunderstood or wildly ignorant fascist bullshit anyhow).

The reason the left has completely lost the respect of the middle (leaving an open net, for the right) is that we no longer clearly distinguish between the spirit and the letter even of a simple aspiration.

Hundreds of millions of leftists think the N word is unacceptable, and yet rationalize wars which outright kill millions of black people so effectively, they file them away and never again think of them.

That is – when they rant and soap-box (and boy, do they ever), they are only pretending to be talking about the world, what they are really talking about is their own personal emotional excursions.

Mostly, they really like to be angry and proud of it. They prove they are better-than, by denouncing those who violate their doctrine (including those who never subscribed to it), and are thus bad ‘uns. Emotionally, they are functionally identical to Klansmen, and because they are just as narcissistic juvenile ignorant categorical and hateful, they are just as obsolete as a force in the modern world.

Believe me folks, if whiny was going to be a positive in the world, we wouldn’t be in this mess. The boomers tried whiny for a half a century and the results are in. Whiny loses. And that is great news!

Not in terms of civilization, culture, economy, hope or any of that – but because reality is BACK.

The real left would be (will be – hope-hope) represented by adults with sound workable ideas which had nothing to do with putting-down people that they don’t take any trouble to understand anyhow. Teen-me wants to say – that vast bourgeois narcissistic cohort never was left – and by falsely claiming it – just as unfairly and unrepresentatively as the corporate Buckley crew claimed the right – they have made it nearly impossible to separate vital humane aspiration, from poisonous self indulgent and exploitative shite.

The real right will show integrity and selfless principle in reinforcing institutions which nourish society.

In the meantime, since we still show no signs of being serious, we’re all trapped in a demented circus.

Hey wait – I started with some principles there, and then got side-tracked (what are the odds, eh?).

Let me go back to that – trying for that same skill plus care balance, throughout. Not just the parts of an argument or understanding which excite me (like a hobbyist), but also the parts which might not flatter my preference so often, but play too important a role to ignore. (Farmers don’t get to pick the parts of the process they enjoy, they must master every part and still keep learning more).

I oppose outrageous exploitation, but I have great respect for hard work delivered and coordinated.

There should be two very different words for corrupt monopolism and small trade and manufacturing (which are after all the things that mark the emergence of human culture and civilization everywhere).

Certainly, most leftists are way too sloppy here, often conflating small shopkeepers and corporatist bastards under the single word capitalism – but you can’t be a serious good-guy, when half your righteous impulse is destructive (anti things that make society function and sometimes thrive).

As I said with war – I oppose cruelty and neglect, especially when children are made to suffer.

I oppose False Kings, Aristocracies, Corrupt Priesthoods (now mostly academic) and the lies and force which such gangs always make use of, to bolster their undeserved influence and extend and secure un-earned control over others and their resources.

There was a time not so long ago when I could just say “I’m an old-school left-libertarian” and be fairly well understood – but that was a different (way better-read, albeit still deeply screwed-up) century.

For some reason that I still struggle to identify, I also have a deep sense of duty – by which I mean it makes me do weird and difficult stuff that seems necessary (not just feel as if I ought to have done it).

All of this is why a guy who for years proudly called himself an Anarchist now finds himself doing civics, and defending the classical economics which have helped millions advance and aspire! Believe me, no one is more surprised than me, by the curriculum placed before me – but needs must!

And here I have to stop to say ideas about Anarchy are less understood than ever (more aggressively misunderstood even than libertarian – which is a lot), and so completely useless as a clear descriptor of any widely understood principles at all, in this century of ego and false (made-up) certainty. What I mean by it is two-fold – I believe in humans who do not need heavy-handed government, but can act well spontaneously – and I believe in a government too small and restrained to make aggressive war.

(Because I don’t believe in a government which can, but is never tempted by mass-lethal corruption)

For a whole lot of youngsters, Anarchy now means smashing everything. I oppose that completely. That everything happens to be the life support system of billions. Smash your own stuff, please.

What I want NOW is a government that helps each citizen reach their greatest possible potential, so that each generation can be more wise, vital, excellent, useful, compassionate and self-governing.

That is – I want the kind of a government that might make humans more and more capable of living in a state of peaceful and cooperative Anarchy (mutuality as the key principle, rather than central power and state compulsion) in a few generations – or at least bring us steadily closer to that light-touch life.

And no, I don’t mean I think that’s an easy recipe – I’m just saying – we aren’t even trying for that!

And since I am digressing to define, a note about Left Libertarian – I mean the basic goals as above, expressed differently – different key and door to the same more capable and resilient humanity.

No taxation for foreign wars and monopolist exploitations. That means fair dealing and trading, rather than the foul games of capital and monopolism which have sucked away, by bayonets draped in our flags, the vital oxygen which billions around the world require, to breathe freer and live happier lives – including every generation here, since the boomers.

Free speech is key to anyone of serious principle, left or right, because free speech is how the sins and corruptions of the most powerful and the most destructive factions always emerge (and without it, we always go to rot and ruin – directly driven by our own proud ignorant hubris).

“Hate Speech” as a modern concept is literally a psychological warfare operation directed against citizen-power. The most evil people on earth want you to think they care the most of all, so you’ll let them guide your own caring (fear and anger) right into the corporate gulag! There is no greater fascist movement on earth, than the capital serving spies who want to lead your caring into tyrrany.

People who still believe the ‘hate’ of others is the worst thing on earth are either stupid, or dangerous mirrorless narcissists – definitely ignorant hateful and unprincipled themselves, in either case. Not ever to be trusted, until more awareness finally dawns (and really sticks).

Just as science isn’t science, unless you are allowed to question it and review ALL the data openly, politics cannot be free politics unless those most despised by the powerful are also allowed full voice.

The (dangerously popular) idea that we can no longer afford free speech, because it empowers evil, is based on the incredibly stupid idea that bad-speech is what is causing the wave of political upheavals we feel, around the west – and also on the idea that everyone opposing the status quo, must be evil.

Certainly, the people cashing all the cheques are definitely threatened by any sort of serious change. Huge numbers of middle classers, white guilters and smug boomers also take the exact same position as the super-rich – don’t rock the equity bubble boat, we’re all doing just fine.

Here’s the thing though – everyone else is completely f@cked, and has been for years – and if you haven’t noticed that the have-nots and hope-excluded are growing by proportion every year, and I mean noticed keenly and continuously, for the last forty years, you haven’t been paying attention.

Childhood isn’t fun anymore. Being a teenager isn’t exciting anymore. Starting a career? Just sucks.

You will never own a house, you will never be able to relax, just hustle, side hustle, side-side hustle. Yes sir, no sir, three bags full sir, fries with that? No wonder kids want to escape, crave thrilling experience and false glamour – the basic rewards that everyone was supposed to be able to EARN for working hard and contributing to the world around them just don’t exist anymore. WE ATE LIFE!

The vital fun exciting wide awake and fully alive stuff all got traded away for magic beans in nineteen seventy one (by Patti Smyth, on the way to her ever so poetic organic ‘revolutionary’ garden).

Doesn’t even matter how good and sincere a kid you are, the world says screw-off, surplus to requirements, almost every time, to almost every damn one of them. Of course a few break out from the lower class straight into the upper and do super-well – and they are quickly walled away from their working class comrades and taught to despise them. But dignity and a decent life for the masses? That is obsolete even as a broad social goal. We get the equivalent of band-aids for ebola and we smile and grovel.

I want to offer a truly fantastic comparison list here, which I’ve shared before (taken from Tucker’s “Instead of a Book” – though he was borrowing it from another author, because it was so strong)

And now I want to do a few of my own comparisons, in order to explain my title. Trash-talk is not my usual style (though as I say, I have always enjoyed knocking over a half-smart intellectual bully).

Like all my leftie chums in the eighties, I noticed that Reagan’s tax cuts and increased military spending did damage to world stability, and also undermined the US government’s funding structure.

My friends on the right, who often idealize Reagan, still have a hard time understanding that he inherited an America that used to lend a lot of money to others. An America whose power was built on wealth and assets, many of them earned by being of great manufacturing usefulness to others.

His presidency was the crucial pivot to exporting jobs, industry and capital overseas – choosing investors over workers every time. It was also the pivot from admired rich guy to extortionate bully.

By the time Reagan’s term was done, his vice president George HW Bush (the less flaky but even more evil deep-state former CIA director dad) was stuck with a massive debt-mess which has never once gone back ‘into the black’ again. Many still think he lost the election because he said “Read my lips, no new taxes” then raised taxes. But the fact of the matter is, he had to raise those taxes, or else the clearest legacy of Reaganomics would have been government default and eventual bankruptcy.

When Bill Clinton arrived, about three quarters of the people who said they really cared about war and government corruption went back to sleep. They didn’t notice him totally screwing up the end of the cold war with violent destabilizing provocations and disruptions around the world, just to sell American weapons. They didn’t notice him failing to repeal the worst anti-worker excesses of Reaganomics, but rather enshrining them as his policy also (which really is how we ended up with a new aristocracy, which now strangles all of our formerly somewhat functional politics, just when we thought we were supposed to be freer than ever before). Those sleepyheads even smiled and continued to hold him up as a defender of women’s rights, when he messed around with a dazzle-eyed intern, completely ruined her life, and lied about her (like so many previous women he’d abused) shamelessly.

Literally blowing up a generic drug manufacturing plant in Africa, didn’t bother “The big left” at all. Sigh.

George the second “W” was a shifty unqualified bastard, and the election which brought him to power truly was a mess. But though he did bring in some key creeps from Nixon and Reagan days, he also relied upon a whole cadre of evil racist war promoting people that CLINTON installed and promoted, to help steer America into a century of endless pointless and ruinously expensive war on credit, while simultaneously eviscerating constitutional protections wholesale with the Patriot Act.

Hey, but at least all those sleepy people got excited again, so that’s something, right?

So then came Obama, and I have to admit I’m so idealistic I let the guy play with my hope, too. But what did we see happen, after all those hopeful words about new respect for others in the world? More CIA backed destruction and war everyplace profitable, natch. And of course, just as Clinton enshrined the worst of Reaganomics, Obama failed to repeal the Patriot Act and restore the rights of American citizens, and declined to even try to prosecute outright American war criminals (disgusting profiteers and torture promoters) as if the potential embarrassment was more important to the state than the restoration of clear principle and human rights. Some beacon.

And where was ‘the left’ when I looked for them again? They really liked Obama, he speaks so well, he makes me feel good about things. Yup – all the way back asleep again. F@ck!

Is Assad a nice guy? I’m pretty sure he isn’t, even though I am even more sure that almost everything that you or I have ever heard about him, was spun by an agent of what somehow keeps calling itself ‘western intelligence’ (even while proving that no such honorific could possibly apply).

But he did have an army, and whatever part of the rebellion against him was local and organic was either going to sweep the country fast or be crushed. Unless the army itself splits (not uncommon) citizen-uprisings are nowhere close to being able to hold a battle-line against an intact national army, and thus hold territory. So if you see an army get stopped and have to dig-in, that’s ‘cause it ran into another army (organized fighters with sustained logistical support) period.

Just like in Bosnia, years before, the resistance of the locals was not the reason that heavy guns were brought to bear, the reason the thing turned into an ongoing horrendous national catastrophe for millions (and a vast wave of refugees for Europe) is that the US directly supported organized Islamic Militias (Isis and Al Qaida both, in Syria) with ongoing supplies of cash, ammo and weapons.

Which is to say the most horrible humane tragedies the US decried from the bully pulpit of the White House, were (are) once again being driven by US arms and money, to suck more taxes away from social good, and win more money and control for those who believe in actual mass murder for profit.

And then there’s Libya. Let me put this simply, if you call yourself an environmentalist, or an anti-racist, or an anti-corporate anti-globalist, and you think what Hillary Obama and Nato did to Libya is in any way excusable or justifiable, you are so stupid you should not ever be allowed to vote again. OBAMA RULED AS A WHITE SUPREMACIST. I’m not saying he used a lot of rude language – I’m saying the purpose of a thing is what it DOES.

Deal with it. (or stop pretending you are talking about the world, instead of your own glorious navel).

And of course here is where I get myself into trouble (make old allies grind their teeth and fume).

Mister Orange Man Bad made people freak out like nobody has during my lifetime (can’t quite remember Wallace, to anchor that thought in time). ;o) A lot of people got grumpy with me for not being all hoppity excited about it, the way they were, so I tried to explain – I never went back to sleep – I’ve been concerned about the shit getting worse and worse this whole time, counting both parties evil and mistakes – and noticing how they actually cooperate on everything most evil.

But all the idiots who did go back to sleep during Obama woke up with a serious overdose of caffeine or perhaps even trendier meth, when Trump showed up. All that apoplectic fuming and sputtering meant that anything hateful about him which appeared in the media (true or not), was flattery and candy to their fury. Media ratings absolutely soared, cash was coming-in – especially for the stuff that was not only dangerous horseshit, but always completely outrageously racist, too. (and when I say dangerous, I mean nuclear fire cooking your ass to a goddamned cinder dangerous, not hurtful of your feelings).

People who still think Trump was elected in 2016 by the evil machinations of Vlacula Putin? What I said above – PLEASE DON’T VOTE – YOU DON’T EVEN UNDERSTAND WHAT THAT IS FOR.

First of all – if your state is so fragile it can be taken down with a pamphlet campaign (not at all unprecedented in history, even though not applicable in this case) it was coming down anyhow.

Secondly – Putin actually preferred Hillary and the CIA knew that, they just hated Trump and so lied.

Third – Hillary was the only reason it was even close – no one else had negative numbers like her and they knew it before they even picked her. Look at her attitude about destroying Libya – she is still outright proud of it – and she worked very hard for years, to make Ukraine into an Afghanistan in Europe to secure still more luscious weapons sales! Feminist? Progressive? Nope.

Scumbag white supremacist killer. Utterly shameless (and unlike Obama, also utterly charmless).

Which is where we get to the thing about Trump that even people who hated him his whole wheeling and dealing life would have some interest in, if they allowed themselves to understand it.

Trump actually did try to take American troops out of Syria (so that they would now be safe, instead of in the crosshairs of paramilitary groups from around the region). The military found a way to refuse effective civilian control in that case, because it was directed toward peace, instead of foreign violence and interference.

He also told the CIA to just screw off – in a way that no one else has since John F Kennedy.

The way they saw it, their presidential daily briefing session was supposed to tell him everything he was supposed to do – same as it did for Obama, and W before him, and Clinton before him, and so on. Basically, it was a set of marching-orders from the inter-agency (CIA, Pentagon, State Dept NSC etc), to instruct their obedient puppet figurehead, on what sort of evil hegemonic crap he should be figureheading each fine new day.

Feisty guy that he is, he said screw off, I was elected as the president, and I’ll steer it myself. (Foolish also, as Chuck Schumer laughingly observed, early in his presidency – Rookie move – they have a million ways to get you, and they never forget a slight!)

Now here are some things about that. Does the fact that he tried once, mean he ever did or ever could effectively resist the inter-agency? He screwed up the first time by appointing hawks in bad places. As far as I can tell, his particular instincts were tuned to the corporate deception frequency, instead of the more elaborate games of the political class. In all likelihood, they still are.

But make no mistake – that is the reason the inter-agency utterly HATES him. Because he never did agree that they were supposed to be the boss. That’s also the reason they kept the Russiagate story going so long (lies from day one, in case you haven’t kept up – and paid for by the Hillary Campaign in the same basic way that Donald was later charged with illegally using campaign funds himself) and also the reason that all those senior intel professionals FRAUDULENTLY insisted Hunter’s laptop was fake (technician here, in case you hadn’t noticed – I always got the whiff of truth from the whole tale – why I kept reading Greenwald – still great and unbowed, BTW – and stopped trusting ‘the Intercept’ – even though every reporter who leaves, suddenly becomes great again – LOL).

So no – I am not at all convinced that Trump would, or even could assemble a team that would even want to make a serious try at wresting control away from the secret and undemocratic, hyper-violent spendthrift war-dominated side of government. But that isn’t just because he has to pick his team from Republicans – the Democratic bench is no less foul and corrupted, in fact they are even more entirely free of hope for seriously opposing corporate and military-industrial policy control – because they’ve already used false hope so many times to sucker us, that we’ll never believe it again.

Do I like Donald Trump in any way? Nope, still not. I think he’s crude and unsuited in all kinds of ways. Do I think democracy should be short-circuited all around the western world (as is happening) just to keep the corrupt and incompetent power-mad mass-murdering idiots who have steered us right up to the edge of a cliff in power indefinitely?

No folks, I really do not. I trust that even less, and by a lot. A very wise man once said a smart thing.

“Those who make peaceful revolution impossible, make violent revolution inevitable.”

And that was a serious peace guy talking, remember. Some folks wouldn’t put it quite so nice.

The cohort that greedily wiped out their own kids future is not the goodest on earth, just no, folks, and there is no amount of killing, threatening, yelling or arms sales which will change that, ever.

The modern west is not a triumph of progressive reason, fairness and principle. It has degenerated into a vast dizzyingly complex intergenerational murder-suicide pact, which we haven’t even noticed is being realized all around us – by our own keen unflagging (and quite insane) demands!

I still think we can do better, but until we prove it, someone really has to take that giant blunderbuss out of that shaky hand for the good of the entire planet and species (and most other species too, actually).

Sure, I know a big change of power like that isn’t easy, Pop doesn’t ever want to stop driving, the discussion is always uncomfortable – but people – we just can’t afford to replace the garage, porch and living room, every freakin’ week – we’re running out of house!

REALITY FIRST. (Do pleasant with whatever is left over, after all the kids are fed and cozy at last)



  1. Do you think that the left’s fumbling embracement of DEI, LGBTQ, and arguably misguided and anti-scientific agendas (including seriously muddied ‘science’ espoused at countless institutes of higher learning) could be a large if not actually the largest factor fueling the wave of right-leaning politics of potential voters (considering what I observe to be the fact that there is by far no majority of Americans who are at all aware of – much less concerned about – what crap their elected representatives are heaping on foreign countries) as those voters and others go about expressing anger at the cost of gas and food (and misplacing the blame on whatever President happens to be in power)?

    • A factor, for sure – and the political-correct 90s onward degeneration of the tribe into bigotry, from principle, is also HUGE – but the intergenerational economic devastation is the biggest piece of all – can’t be an enduring culture (or even deserve to be) if you prey on your own kids! (really hate to quote Carvale – but “it’s the economy…) ;o)

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