Large Ess Small Press is a Toronto publishing house partnership created initially, to publish the work of Paul Snyders.

We looked at the chaotic state of the market, shook our heads in dismay, and decided to press-on with creation anyhow, investing our energy in sincerity and production, rather than adjusting our message or intent to chase demographic segments, easier dollars or popular trends.    A thing done right in good spirit is a good thing — and this is what we’re all about.  Bringing you new good things, direct from the creative artists — no corporations involved!

We intend to present a rich and diverse catalog for your reading pleasure over time, and have opened with three very different volumes.  While you wait to enjoy our follow-on curiosities and wonders, you may rest assured that our (quite irrepressable) laddie of perpetual motion will be capering about and doing writerly tricks here on a regular basis, with photo-journalism and fresh silly rantings on a regular basis.

Do please stop-by any time — we aim to entertain, as well as edify, amuse, amaze, and yes, ultimately sell you a thing or two (that you will be very glad indeed, to have).

Cheers from the whole Large Ess Small Press team!

Our featured author: Paul Snyders

Paul Snyders is the launch-author for Large Ess Small Press.

His poetry collection “Night Song for Cigar-Box Banjo” was released in early spring, 2018.

His collection of stories, wisdom and edifying foolishness, “Structural Happiness” followed, Fall 2018

“The Kind of Friend You Need” – a collection of funny short stories about growing up in a 1970s commune was published in the fall of 2019.  It’s companion volume “On a Crazy Day Like This” is coming soon.

Three further books, including a heartwarming piece of post eco-crash teen fiction, a second poetry volume and a collection of social philosophy essays are in the production process now, and more (including the world’s first self-help cold war psychological thriller) are presently being crafted.

As well as making music, drawing, repairing musical gear and doing his best to make the deplorable amusing, Paul writes poetry, essays, stories, philosophy and drama with a street-level perspective, and is currently working on a new novel for Large Ess Small Press.

He lives in Toronto with his very cool wife, and has been a technician, educator, crazy-artist, amateur metaphysician and artist’s model.

His themes are compassion, liberation, realistic perception, and (with luck) a foundation for rational optimism (or at least a path thereto).

You can also follow these posts on Facebook at – https://www.facebook.com/paulfromlargeess/

Photo credit: Nada Nesin

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