Hustling, Hassling, Sailing

Reopening and vaccinated at last. It is time to get the world-engaging side of my productivity-engine chugging again. So I’ve been cleaning out the boiler, checking gaskets, reviewing supplies of coal and water on hand and scouting new tracks, routes and customers.


Without Growing Old

I want to be this playful in my late eighties! On the surface, visual arts are all about looking – which feels like obvious and objective stuff – but sculpture is always a tricky challenge for a photographer, because a sculpture can

Spirit By Wire

I have to open this with an apology – I have been meaning to get it done and posted or awhile now. On the other hand, this may be the perfect moment. By now most of us are facing the prospect of



Scavenger (top photo) As always – click the top photo to see them all in high-resolution Vokunji – show statement Some artist’s statements are hilarious, some are infuriatingly complex and filled with pompous referents, and yet prove utterly insubstantial when deciphered. And


Getting over my shyness

My third book is just about here, and that means it’s time for me to build up some of the complimentary skills that pair well with being creatively relentless. You know how much fun I have playing with the written word for

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