A Six-Pack of Dreamings

Like a lot of people, I’ve been reading books about creative people and approaches to life for most of my life. Some suggestions are inspiring but impractically exotic, relying upon settings or resources so difficult to secure as to obliterate the naturalness


My Friend – Remix

Hello my friends! One of the curious things about the way covid has overturned everyone’s normalcy, all at once, is that many of us have been reminded about the value of pleasure and creativity, as a mentally and emotionally positive and stabilizing


Wrong In What Sense?

Hello my friends! Here is another piece based upon unexpected humane insight, from my poetry collection “Night Song for Cigar-Box Banjo” (and for those kind folks who have asked – yes, the long awaited Ebook edition is coming very soon). One of


Wonky Dance of Modern Times

I attempt to craft things in many forms – musical, graphic, long form writing and poetry. But just as the immediacy time-rootedness and dynamics of music make it the most directly impactful emotionally, poetry reacts to the outside world in extremely interesting


Almost did a crazy thing

Hi folks, hope you are keeping well, mounting stressors notwithstanding. I’ve had an interesting week so far, wearing my publisher’s hat. I have had a lot of curious jobs and roles over the years, but right now my primary occupation is caregiver



Here’s an example of a very old idea with clear sharp modern relevance. The idea comes from Rumi’s father Bahauddin (apologies to my Persian friends if I got that wrong – spelling varies here for almost all of the greats). Very little


The Best Chance I Ever Took

I was seventeen years old when I first met Catherine and her sister through a friend from my work. I was in my full club kid phase, and also working in a super-straight and strict corporate office as the “administrative services clerk”


A Fiery Snare

Men Are Not For Burning – print by Leon GolubShown at the Ryerson Image Gallery in – Attica USA 1971: Images and sounds of a rebellion. One of the most incredible works of intellect and human insight I ever came across was


Thumpi, by way of Spats

I talk a lot about unconventional learning – getting philosophical insights from biography, or finding life-hacks within innovative and courageous approaches to music. But I don’t want to sound pompous or fancy – nor is my sincere atheist spiritual-seeking merely a trick


Patience, Please

I’m only asking Santa for one thing this year – patience. The fact that patience is something that I usually have easily available in unusual quantity suggests that I am not the only one concerned by a worrisomely short supply, who is

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