Repeat As Needed

Fear not – I just took this photo today, the old place has not being demolished. Better still, though presently an events venue (and a spiffy central one at that) they still have a fabulous screen and could again be a theatre.


A Good Walk

Spectacular weather today – a bit chilly for the time of year, but clear and fresh and sunny. Had a nice walk and my legs (for the first time in three years or so) reported (hopefully not over-confidently) – “yeah, we can


Meta Pieman

Simple sigh, man. Are you done yet, dad? Can we go now, dad? (top photo) Had a nice Six K jaunt today – and though I turned my ankle twice (not at all normal), my main distance-walking muscles felt absolutely delighted to


The Vale of Avoca

The Quarry and the Years of Growth (as always, click top pic for high-res gallery) Yellow Creek may be mediated by stone – but nature works with what it finds Like many of my photographically inclined friends around the world, I’ve been


Forgotten Heavyweight

King meets de Gaulle (top photo) Black and white photos from an exhibition of American press images of Canada – at the fantastic Ryerson Image Centre – Mount Pleasant cemetery contains the graves of many Canadian notables, but few who are more


Spadina by Night

Toronto has a lot of streets with their own particular flavour, I’ve mentioned Yonge St and Queen St many times, as their cultural significance and wonky charisma warrant, but you can’t even begin to understand Toronto at all without considering the character



Scavenger (top photo)   Vokunji – show statement Some artist’s statements are hilarious, some are infuriatingly complex and filled with pompous referents, and yet prove utterly insubstantial when deciphered. And then there are those which are packed with directly accessible narrative and


Yonge Time Machine

I have posted a few mournful things about the speed of change in the city – and also in fairness observed that while disquieting (and outright frightening, economically) there are many cities which have carried out far more brutal and less advantaging

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