Kensington cat

Came across this lovely sculpture mounted atop a pole on Spadina – and it struck me as being just about as Toronto as a sculpture could be – not only was this area (and indeed most of downtown TO) full of wacky

Merk 51

Every artist soon learns (usually by hard-knocks), that whatever estimate they make about the time and effort which a grand project will require, they are probably wrong – and not by ten or twenty percent, but by whole multiples and orders of


Convocation hall

This is one of my favourite buildings on the old U of T campus for several reasons.  I’d rank it second only to the lovely Massey hall as a Toronto venue – not quite such immaculate concert acoustics (though still commendable) but


Zya F

I recently mentioned my curiosity about the differences between spray and line street-artists, and as soon as I self-sensitized that way, I noticed a couple. Not only is this (one-liner?) a real stylistic treat, for it’s minimal aspect and very immediate energy,



Context really is everything – there’s not much that’s more dull and common than a dirty puddle – and while wrought-iron fire-escapes do have visual appeal and even artistic significance (from the Ashcan school through Hopper and onward), we really don’t often

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