My Friend – Remix

Hello my friends! One of the curious things about the way covid has overturned everyone’s normalcy, all at once, is that many of us have been reminded about the value of pleasure and creativity, as a mentally and emotionally positive and stabilizing


The Way That We Do It

Hi Folks. I’ve had some wonderful stimulus lately. Met a dear old friend on Friday for a lovely nature walk and energizing conversation (you have to love The Vale of Avoca – and right in midtown, too!) then yesterday I walked nine


Pan Was Not Consulted Here

Hey folks! Isn’t it funny how wonky and non-linear creativity is? Even when you develop various mental tools of envisioning (important in every art) you still need a combination of motivational drive, and some direction in which to deliver your work. My


Apple Pie and Cyanide

One of the strangest revolutionary problems, is how to broaden the membership enough to give the movement political weight, without overly diluting, or even completely losing the original principles and message. Considering how complicated and intellectual many revolutionary theories are, this has


A Fiery Snare

Men Are Not For Burning – print by Leon GolubShown at the Ryerson Image Gallery in – Attica USA 1971: Images and sounds of a rebellion. One of the most incredible works of intellect and human insight I ever came across was

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