Flywheel – Remix

Hi folks, time for a new song and video – also long past time for a brand new love song for my beautiful Catherine. Not conventional, of course (am I ever?) but I had a pretty good sense I was onto true


Simple Simple – Remix

Hi friends – time for a brand new song and video! I swear I keep thinking of Bill Withers when I start these free-form songs – simple, heartfelt and compelling are my picks for the strongest virtues a song can have (Woody


My Friend – Remix

Hello my friends! One of the curious things about the way covid has overturned everyone’s normalcy, all at once, is that many of us have been reminded about the value of pleasure and creativity, as a mentally and emotionally positive and stabilizing


Absolut(ists) and Brutal(ities)

Here’s another bit of political stand-up, this time with the gloves off, because big lies really are not ever helpful, and memory almost always is.  And also because it’s important to recognize the seriousness of the challenges before us – life or


The thin man speaks

Sorry it’s been so long, folks. Thanks to a medical emergency, life got extremely frightening there for a few weeks, and Catherine and I are only just beginning to recover our normal selves, from dire emergency mode. I’m working hard in two