Ins and Outs

Human knowledge is all about making distinctions. In a funny way, we can look at most of our intellectual efforts (and by we I mean all humans through history) as a splitting of one bunch into two, after which each of those



I liked this one both for the stillness and peace in the composition – and also for the way that all the fast growing buds everywhere prove with certainty that it won’t look that peaceful for long. In fact, a wild colourful


Repeat As Needed

Fear not – I just took this photo today, the old place has not being demolished. Better still, though presently an events venue (and a spiffy central one at that) they still have a fabulous screen and could again be a theatre.


Cyrano and the Mixing Desk

Friendship is magical stuff, I write about it a lot, because I think we grow more through friendship and love than by any other means. But I’m also fascinated by the strange incalculables, the stuff that we know is true because we


A Good Walk

Spectacular weather today – a bit chilly for the time of year, but clear and fresh and sunny. Had a nice walk and my legs (for the first time in three years or so) reported (hopefully not over-confidently) – “yeah, we can


A Prayer for John Irving

As a lifelong book-nut and ‘mister curious’, I have asked a ton of people about their favourite books. More than once I’ve made a deep connection, by identifying a book we both regard with special reverence – my favourite instance being a


Critical Path

Some books bring us pleasure, some books stretch our minds, some books broaden our philosophy and expand our moral understanding. Some books hit us at a special moment in our lives and will forever bring us a whiff and resonance of that


Funk and Function

For a few decades now, many in the west have asserted that our feelings are of incredible importance. As an especially weird example, we have tried to teach self-esteem in the abstract, without also imparting competence and confidence – or delivering the

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