A Fiery Snare

Men Are Not For Burning – print by Leon GolubShown at the Ryerson Image Gallery in – Attica USA 1971: Images and sounds of a rebellion. One of the most incredible works of intellect and human insight I ever came across was


Thumpi, by way of Spats

I talk a lot about unconventional learning – getting philosophical insights from biography, or finding life-hacks within innovative and courageous approaches to music. But I don’t want to sound pompous or fancy – nor is my sincere atheist spiritual-seeking merely a trick


Without Growing Old

I want to be this playful in my late eighties! On the surface, visual arts are all about looking – which feels like obvious and objective stuff – but sculpture is always a tricky challenge for a photographer, because a sculpture can


Patience, Please

I’m only asking Santa for one thing this year – patience. The fact that patience is something that I usually have easily available in unusual quantity suggests that I am not the only one concerned by a worrisomely short supply, who is


Spirit By Wire

I have to open this with an apology – I have been meaning to get it done and posted or awhile now. On the other hand, this may be the perfect moment. By now most of us are facing the prospect of

Do Please Pardon the Tinkering and Toying

Hi Folks Just working on making Large Ess Small Press more fun to browse and more enjoyable to read. Might take me a few days to get all of the appropriate switches flipped appropriately.  Do please bear with me in the meantime.


Access to Other Worlds

Captain Bananas – Millennium Gorilla There is an old idea in Buddhism – attachment is suffering – which has always bothered me in a very stimulating way – because it is at once obviously true, right from the very first time we

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