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We’d love to offer you a deal on all three current offerings from Large Ess Small Press

For a special limited time price of $39.99 Canadian you’ll get:


The Kind Of Friend You Need – 2019 – 182 Pages – 11 Illustrations

Bizarre, hilarious and transformative short stories from a crazy 70s commune childhood.

A Toronto and a moment in culture both vanished now – but strong in memory.


Structural Happiness – 2019 – 167 Pages – 2 Illustrations (plus graphics)

Gurus, creative maniacs, dance clubs and true love. From high elation to facing the impossible.

Life lessons the wonky way – models of masculine kindness and loving outreach.


Night Song for Cigar-Box Banjo – 2018 – 108 Pages – 7 Illustrations

Poetry with ancient spirit and purpose, and an eye on the modern world around us.

Consolations for the heavy heart – understandings, tributes and amusements. Joy, life.


An instant library of oddness, hilarity and edification – plenty of silly pictures, too!

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