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Why? Simple as heck, folks – we’re all permanently pushed into small-mind panic mode – still emotionally desperate to feel like we are heroes, just the way we are, instead of buckling down with new modesty and realism, recognizing that our entire system as presently organized is a mass-killer, especially of the future – and acting like responsible democratic citizens (the King is we) to finally at long last organize responsible CHANGE.

Step one, if we really want to try to fix the many social and environmental problems which frighten a huge number of people (for good reason), really does have to be truth-telling. There is no way for people who disagree on philosophy and policy to make any practical plans together, unless they have some common basis for understanding. Consensus reality.

This does not mean one side forcing the other side to their view – but rather all (we’ve got a whole lot more than two sides in these fights) loosening up those parts of their worldview which are selfish – feel-good only – deceptions.

Anger due to…

American politics is no more having Russian problems than Mexican problems – the presidency of Donald Trump is arguably the most American phenomenon of all time – admittedly, emphasizing the weaknesses and divisions most starkly – rather than characteristic strengths.

The Democrats are still working very hard not to learn, or even admit that they screwed-up on the last go round – despite the fact that they cynically ran a candidate that they knew was very widely hated. Why is this? Because they really thought – those people simply don’t count. Like SNOBS!

Exactly the “who cares” attitude they hate hearing – when it comes out of the Donald’s mouth in his own inimitable, umm (style isn’t really the word) idiom!

Both sides are wrong in their tribalism – and the Democrats could easily be much less wrong if only they’d recognize something the left once widely saw – everyone counts, even the people who you don’t understand (yet), and those you don’t find particularly likeable. The vulnerable must be embraced, not despised.

The really shameful part is how many of the people the left now comfortably despises from afar are workers and the poor – once those at the very heart of their mission and aspirations. Still mentioned by some – but planning intellectually, for people you despise, is the old horrible colonial patronizing master model, to a tee. Bernie is rare, for not having to be taught this.

But just as is the case with Canada – a large proportion of the left is now an intellectual position which disapproves of vast range of corporate and governing policies, while also continually seeking maximum advantage from them, at every turn.

Not saying that it is wrong to do this, under the circumstances (steadily eroding worker rights, pay, and dignity) – but ignoring the scale of contradictory efforts expended is (classic-left) ruinous, to any hope of organized general advance!  (Else what’s a meta for?)

Now quick, before I get my neighbouring chums too grumpy – let me skip back north across the border home to Canada, to finish my big point properly.

Tower-scrape and condoplex

Canadian politics is presently looking no less weird and contentious – though of course its significance to all but Canadians is comparatively small. But we do do one thing very differently – we have electable parties representing left, right and middle.

We currently have a middle national government very long on charm and stated principle – and frighteningly short of guile (street-smarts) – negotiating everywhere at once, with an especially cut-throat cast of leaders, running much of the world. Unnerving, to be sure.

The provinces are mounting a revolt against the federal carbon-tax from the right – and the left is attacking the federal government for honouring long-term contracts signed with China by the previous (right) government, and developing the horribly polluting tar sands further, adding a pipeline which, unlike those currently in operation, would allow Canada to sell it’s super-polluting oil in bulk, directly into international markets, without going through the US refinery system first.

The case for additional economic sovereignty is real, so is the general economic case (in Alberta, especially) – but personally, I think both of those considerations are orders of magnitude less important than the environment. That’s why I love to walk!

The question is – by what statement of appeal might one demand that the government should not further develop dirty Canadian oil?

– I love to encourage Saudi Wahabbist influence, and the war in Yemen.
– I really want to be a part of the engine of war itself – for the last century.
– Frack and drill – more earthquakes and marine oil-spills, please.


I am no longer driving a gasoline vehicle, I fly as little as possible, and take my carbon footprint seriously as a matter of course, without complaint. WHICH MEANS YOUR DEVELOPMENT PLANS DO NOT IN FACT SERVE OR REPRESENT MY PROVEN REAL-WORLD DEMANDS.

This is a democracy, folks – we can’t plan for wishes, only real public will – we can’t ask the government to force others to give up something that we won’t give up voluntarily – coercion is for all of those systems we don’t like – demonstration, innovation and spontaneous action rule here.

So – you want to vote against the teen heart-throb, great – there really are a number of good reasons – but if your reason is oil-sands – you’d best be planning a train trip – and your car keys should be gathering silt, at the bottom of the lake!

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