Hello my friends – here’s the latest episode of “Hard Truth and a Big Hug”. It’s a small part of a book that I haven’t yet got around to publishing – but I thought the big ideas and the final take-away were important and useful – especially good things to think about, while we all have some time to think.

I also hope that this slice of truth and hugs will be helpful for freeing up the creative energy we have within us – particularly that part of it which sometimes seems to need someone else’s authorization.

 Hi Folks – I had to take this episode down to make room for new shows – but I have now reposted it over at my (also free) substack site.

You can now find the show here:


I really mean it about Julian Jaynes “The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind” one of the most interesting and brilliant books I’ve ever read. Highly recommended.

Not only is it stimulating to the imagination, it is also a fascinating work of science and deduction.

Again – can’t ever recommend Bertrand Russell enough – one of the few modern thinkers whose understanding and memory extend to the period before the first world war. Never stopped trying to learn the lessons we needed, to avoid brutality, and treat each other with more humane consideration.

Jeremy Rifkin’s “Entropy” is an excellent reminder about how relevant thermodynamics are to life (frightening – but in ways which we entirely deserve, because also reality grounded).

And while we all have some extra viewing time – I should also point you toward the finest documentarist alive – Adam Curtis – especially his brilliant series – Century Of The Self. I don’t agree with absolutely every point he makes – but his long and humorously skeptical view of history is powerful, illuminating – and very very helpful indeed.

One odd note about Curtis – almost all of his series were originally made as one hour shows (for BBC) – but most of the versions you find online, are from edited versions (space was later made for commercials). If you can find the longer versions, even in lower resolution, you won’t regret it. (Daniel Ellsburg reciting TS Elliot from memory at the end of his show on the insane pentagon ‘logic’ behind the Vietnam war, will itself justify any and all additional effort required).

I am always curious about what you are thinking

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