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Large Ess Small Press is a creator-run Toronto publishing house dedicated to bringing you works of compassion, fun, curiosity, wisdom and humour.

Along with our already available launch volumes of poetry, short stories from life and whimsical writings about humans and happiness, and our upcoming collections of short stories, essays, and young adult fiction, our ongoing online offerings at LargeEssSmallPress.com regularly feature inspiring artists, history on both the grand and intimate scale, ideas and principled multi-perspective insight – speaking up for all of the underdogs, not playing factions, for self-satisfaction.

Plus – original photography and funny witness of our chaotic and quite wonderful city.

Come back and visit us again sometime!

Bet we can make you laugh – and make the whole wide whirl around us look even bigger, funnier and more interesting.


The Kind Of Friend You Need

The seventies were a wild time to be a kid – growing up inside one of the largest urban communes that ever happened in North America intensified the experience.

These funny short stories are told from the point of view of that eccentric kid, doing his best to make sense of the real world, when everyone around him has one foot way outside of it.

I was lucky enough to witness some of the sweetest a commune can achieve, the worst of a cult, also – and I came through it all thanks to a host of lovely and wacky friends, who somehow kept the games going – and also helped lift me out of each trap in turn by offering precious inspiration, humour, grace and hope.

“The Kind of Friend You Need” is 182 pages softcover   8.5” by 5.5” Generously typeset in Baskerville and a bit more than one half pound in weight. Eleven illustrations grace the cover and pages within.

The Kind Of Friend You Need

Available at LargeEssSmallPress.com



Structural Happiness

Everyone starts out foolish, but in this digital age, it is harder than ever not to take our mistakes and reversals much too seriously.

Structural Happiness is a book about finding more love and happiness in our same-old lives, by understanding ourselves and those around us, with a funnier, and at the same time also a wiser perspective.

Many lovely Gurus, Artists, Teachers and skilled Craftsmen appear, sharing saving insight and kindness that still glows.

The crazy 1980s feature – and many ways of living truth and kindness that have since faded.

If you believe friends and love and art and learning are life, then you and I are already pals – and I know you’re going to love this.

Structural Happiness

Available now at LargeEssSmallPress.com



Night Song for Cigar-Box Banjo

Is a poetry collection for the twenty-first century

Celebrations of friendship and understanding

Consolations for the hard roads so many of us face

New ways to look at old challenges and old wisdom to face new realities

Illustrations, too!

Poetry for the warm heart, in a strange cold time

Night Song for Cigar-Box Banjo

Available now at LargeEssSmallPress.com



If you’d like to have a peek inside the books – I’ve got a video about them, with a flip-through, here!

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